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Why am I experiencing health issues now?

Question: Why am I having such challenges with my physical health lately?

Dad: There is no coincidence that you have been experiencing physical body and health challenges since you have been focusing on that when meditating in the universal field. Any time that you are blending your energy with universal source energy, you are bringing to the surface any stored blockages in the cells of the body that are still holding on to the pain from the past….whether this lifetime, previous experiences, or experiences held in the DNA structure passed down through many generations.

When you spend time in the universal field, you raise your vibration consciously to access that level of energy. As such, you shift your energy from its current level of homeostasis. Even if the current level of equilibrium or homeostasis may not have been the healthiest, it was static, or stagnant. Once you disrupt that level of status quo, the toxins flood the body as they are released from the cells.

You have also found that the more you release the toxins from the cells, your body wants to hold on to the old behaviors. So the more commitment you have to the change, the more the resistance in your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors rise up to the surface to be released. You can choose to release them or you can choose to resist. For many humans, it is easier to resist than it is to release....even though that seems counter intuitive. It seems like it would be easier to release the old patterns, particularly those that no longer serve you, than it would be to resist that release. But for humans, it seems that the familiar is preferable to the unknown even when the unknown could be so much better.

So you are experiencing your body’s resistance to releasing the old patterns that you have stored in your body for this entire lifetime and all of the previous ones as well. When you are truly ready to let go of any of the residual emotions, fully surrender to the process of release, you will find that it will become easier to stay within the vibratory levels that you desire and your body will begin to be transformed as well. The outside will begin to match the inside. This is the truest test yet for you to realize that nothing, absolutely nothing, in your external reality is created from the outside in. Everything in the external reality is created from the inside out.

Continue to meditate and spend as much time as possible in the universal field and you will see changes in your external reality, both your physical body and your physical environment. You are becoming a new person, living an entirely different life than you have thus far. Be gentle with yourself, be patient with yourself, be loving toward yourself. It is a dramatic transformation that you have been undertaking. You are being born anew. So relax, stay in the vibration of the universal field, and all will be revealed for you.

We love you. Till the next time!



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