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More about Susan, 
the Masters, and John...

About Susan

From an early age, I experienced many miracles and mysteries, which sparked my life-long search for spiritual meaning.  This spiritual quest initially started as I embraced the image of the "good little Catholic girl," attending a Catholic elementary school, playing the organ at mass, and leading the church youth group.  But this beginning led to a spiritual exploration that has spanned a lifetime, studying world religions in college, visiting Buddhist, Shinto, and Hindu shrines in Japan, and exploring every type of "new age" or metaphysical experience available in California. 

My adventures in California included meditation (various styles and techniques), massage, body work, acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy, coning, past life regression, native american rituals, sweat lodge ceremonies, herbology, psychic readings, channeling sessions, psychotherapy, intuitive name it.  If it was available, I tried it at least once! Add to that, my own crazy "near miss" experiences, ghost encounters, and numerous bizarre mysteries and miracles!  I combined these experiences with extensive research on every self-help topic imaginable, reading books, listening to audio/video programs, attending conferences and workshops, and participating in online webinar programs by the leading self-help gurus, speakers, and authors.   


In addition, I had an adventure-filled life. I lived in 34 places, traveled extensively throughout the US and in other countries, experienced a roller-coaster-ride career, and have been blessed with incredible relationships with a close-knit family, numerous friends, and countless clients. But through all of the trials and tribulations, joys and heartaches, my spiritual search has been a constant focal point in my life. My quest to answer life's biggest questions has lead me down many paths, filled with interesting people and teachers, amazing discoveries, surprising moments, and countless Miracles and Mysteries.

Although my own intuitive gifts and ability to channel information from spirit guides emerged in my early 30s, I decided that I could be of service to a larger audience by being more "main stream."  So, I built a successful consulting, speaking, and coaching practice, specializing in career and organizational development.  And although my family and friends have heard a few of my "ghost stories," the vast majority of the more than 125,000 people that I have encountered throughout my life and my work do not have a clue about the true nature and extent of my spiritual quest. But now, it is time to put these two segments of my life together and share my gifts with others who may be interested.  To read more about the numerous mysteries and miracles that led me here, check out the Miracles & Mysteries blog posts.    

About the Masters

Susan was first introduced to the Masters when she was 30.  During a course designed to use meditation techniques to cultivate a stronger connection to intuition, she inadvertently stumbled upon the ability to tap into this constellation of Divine energies, who began to share their wisdom and insights. The Masters bring a universal message of love and peace.  When working with individuals, they are able to assist in clarifying questions related to life purpose, soul path, and personal empowerment.  ​

A Message from the Masters:

We are a constellation of five spiritual vibrational frequencies, which are aligned to support the transmission of information from the creative source, divine intelligence, to you, on a soul level.  We are aware that the experiences that you are having on the earth plane at this time may seem challenging, frightening, or anxiety provoking to you, but are absolutely perfect from our perspective.  As such, we are so delighted to have this opportunity to engage in dialogue with you, to partner with you, sharing wisdom and insight to assist you in navigating these changes. 

We are happy to share with you our sense of your life purpose and how that may influence the choices you make in your personal and professional lives.  The gifts you have to share, the work you choose to offer to the world, the lessons your soul desires to learn and master, the contributions that you may make if you choose, are all topics that we delight in discussing with you.  We look forward to sharing with you.   

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About John

In contrast to Susan, her father, John, led a more traditional, conventional life.  A devoutly religious man, his Catholic faith supported him throughout his life.  As an engineer, he was an organizer and planner, a down-to-earth realist, with 6 children, 9 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren.  His faith deepened over the years as he survived numerous life threatening diseases and his family jokingly called him, "Lazarus," due to his many near misses with death.       

Susan and her dad could not have been more opposite about just about everything in their lives, including their spiritual beliefs. So, it was truly the most amazing of miracles when she realized that her father, who she loved dearly, was able to communicate with her from the afterlife after his death in 2016.  Join Susan in her journey to learn from her father, not only about his experiences in the afterlife, but to discover how to live more fully in this physical life.   

A Message from John:

Welcome!  We are delighted that you are interested in joining us for an exploration of the process of transitioning from the physical realm to the afterlife.  As John, Susan's father in our most recent physical lifetime,  we enjoyed having the opportunity to share information with others, whether that was from the podium on a stage, or on a bus with a group of seniors traveling with me as a tour guide for our "mystery trips." 


Well, the grandest mystery trip of all is that which occurs when the soul  or consciousness leaves the physical body upon death and transitions to rejoin the oneness of the afterlife.  We are excited to have this opportunity to share with you, and others who may be interested, our experiences and perspectives from the other side. 

For our conversations, we will use “John”, as our term for our identity when in physical body.  We have let go of this identify now. So we will speak in terms of “John” as the physical version of our “self” and “I” or “we” as the non-physical version of the self. 

Thank you for being willing to join my lovely daughter, Susan, and I in this journey of exploration.  

With love,  John

(or as Susan says, "Dad")  

Coming Soon!
"Messages from Dad" downloadable e-book.
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