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Career Programs

Divinely Inspired 
Career Strategy Session


One of Susan's unique gifts is her ability to seamlessly blend Divine Inspiration with her extensive experience as a Career Coach to hone in quickly, with a laser-like focus, to help you:

  • Identify your uniqueness

  • Clarify your goals and vision for your future

  • Determine action steps that you can take to create a sooth transition to that future


In a 60-minute Divinely Inspired Career Strategy Session, you can focus on any job or career-related topic that will help you create a smooth transition and move forward in a positive way.  

In addition, Susan can support you in making a smooth job change or enhancing your career success with additional 
Career Programs (detailed below).


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Upcoming Career Workshops
(Live with Susan via Zoom) 

Let Divine Inspiration be the guide for Your Next Chapter and make smooth transitions in your career and professional life.

 Master Class:
Transition to Work You Love

Live on Zoom

Check back soon for upcoming dates!

Allow Divine Inspiration to guide you in making
a smooth transition to a job or career that you love. 

A Brief Overview of Susan's
Career Coaching Background


For these programs and services, Susan McGraw combines her ability to access Divine Inspiration, her expertise as an Intuitive Strategist, and more than 25 years of experience as a Career Coach and Business Consultant. 


She has had the privilege of coaching more than 7,000 individuals, entry level to key executives, in just about every type of industry. She has built Career Transition Centers in California, Iowa, and Michigan, for youth and adults impacted by workforce reductions and layoffs, and created a Talent Gateway for the University of Michigan - Dearborn to support students in preparing for the changing world of work. Over 125,000 people globally have been positively impacting by her work.  

What clients said about the Career Programs...

"Susan's wizardry has sparked so much inspiration in my professional and private life, on all levels! Her ability to reach the unreachable has struck me as a rare human and non-human quality, uniquely hers. Oh, how grateful we all are for these powerful connections. Come join us!" 
Jean R., East Frisia, Lower Saxony, Germany

"This is fantastic! This process has been a great experience and has not only gotten my resume updated, but given me a clear focus on what I want and the environment where I will flourish. This resume will help employers understand my strengths and where I fit in their organization. The days of being put into the wrong role are behind me!"   Michael C., Boston, MA

"My reading with Susan McGraw was amazing! She is incredibly accurate and left me feeling more inspired and excited than I could possibly express! She has such a loving, caring presence and she went into such helpful depth of what I needed to know and understand. I can say beyond a doubt that my reading with her has helped propel me in my soul’s direction and vocation and re-listening to the recording has been such an inspiring gift that keeps on giving. She has a beautiful relationship with spirit and works seamlessly, effortlessly, and accurately in her readings. To say I am grateful is an understatement! I cannot recommend Susan enough, she has been pivotal in helping me, and I thank her with my whole being!"  Hallie S., St. Lake City, Utah

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Private Career Coaching Services
(Live with Susan via Zoom or Phone)

Interview & Negotiation Coaching

One 60-minute meeting by phone, Zoom, or What's App?


Presenting yourself effectively in an interview is a skill that requires practice to gain mastery.  In an interview coaching session, Susan can address: 

  • General interview preparation strategies

  • Answers to typical and industry specific interview questions

  • Negotiation techniques to ensure that you get the salary and benefits that you desire.


To get the most value from this session, she encourages clients to purchase, in advance of the meeting, the downloadable 60-minute, video-based training, with the accompanying Quick Start Guide called, "Present the Real You! Nail the Interview & Negotiate Like a Pro!" (available above for $35). 


You will then be familiar with the concepts and strategies so the coaching session will be tailored to your specific upcoming interview situations. 

Resume Critique

One 60-minute meeting by phone, Zoom, or What's App? 


You may have a well-written resume, but still not get the job you want.

In 60 minutes, Susan can:

  • Review your current resume.

  • Discuss your goals and the desires you have for an ideal job.

  • Give you specific, concrete suggestions on how YOU can revise your resume to attract and obtain the job you really want!  


Susan is the queen of resume writing, having worked with over 7,000 clients, representing a wide range of industries and all levels of the organization, from entry level to key executives. She knows what employers want and how to get them to pay attention to you! 

Custom Resume & LinkedIn Profile Program

Two 90-minute meetings by phone, Zoom, or What's App?
(includes draft & final resume)


Do you:

  • Absolutely HATE writing or updating your resume? 

  • Find it difficult to capture what you have really accomplished in your career?

  • Know how to write a resume that will get you the job you really want? 

  • Have some unique circumstances that you are worried will be a barrier to making a smooth transition into a job you love? 

Susan's forte is her ability to clearly articulate the accomplishments that you have achieved that truly reflect your uniqueness and write a custom resume to target the type of job you DO want, rather than the ones you DON'T want! 


In the first telephone meeting, you will review your goals, the characteristics of your ideal position, and your accomplishments aligned to the job you want.  Susan will then draft a resume, 100% based on those boiler plate templates or text.  During the second meeting, you will work together to edit and finalize the resume.  The finished version is emailed to you.  

As a free bonus included in this Program, Susan will also create or update your LinkedIn profile to align with your updated professional resume.  Sign up to have Susan work with you to create a kick ass resume and LinkedIn Profile and start shamelessly promoting your accomplishments!  


Professional Online Branding Program

Two 90-minute meetings by phone, Zoom, or What's App?
to create a Web-Based e-Portfolio or Blog


Take your professional image to the next level by building your online "brand." 


Work with Susan to create a web-based e-portfolio or blog to showcase yourself, your image, and your accomplishments.  Upload examples of your work, create links to highlight your professional online presence, and stand out from the crowd!

In two phone meetings, Susan will partner with you to create an online web-based

e-portfolio or blog AND teach you how to easily update, edit, and maintain it yourself. 

Transform Your Career Program
Fully customized. 18-hour program by phone, Zoom, or What's App? 

If you are interested in a fully customized approach to achieve your job, career, business, leadership, or professional goals, Susan can work with you on an individual basis, tailoring the approach to meet your specific needs and schedule. Working together, we can design your own unique program, one which will be a perfect fit with your needs. 

You may choose to:

  1. Explore your uniqueness and ideal work/lifestyle preferences;

  2. Design a career transition plan to move from your current job to one more aligned with your authentic self;

  3. Create a resume designed to attract your ideal job or career;

  4. Build a plan to transition into self employment;

  5. Identify strategies to cope with a hostile work environment or a bullying situation;

  6. Enhance your leadership effectiveness by understanding how the style preferences of you and your team influence your success; OR...

  7. Address specific challenges you face in your professional life at this time. 

Your personalized program will include 18 hours of coaching time, via telephone, zoom, or What's App, over a 3 month period (12 weeks). Coaching sessions average 1 to 1.5 hours/each week. When you purchase the program, you will be asked to schedule 12 weekly 1.5 hour sessions. However, in your first session, we can adjust the schedule, if necessary, to meet your specific needs.  

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