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Business Services for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Divinely Inspired
Business Strategy Session


A 60-minute Divinely Inspired Business Strategy Session can support you in making a smooth transition to: 

  • Launching an entrepreneurial business.

  • Expanding an existing business.

  • Exploring new opportunities.

  • Addressing challenges you are currently facing. 

Susan's psychic and intuitive gifts, combined with over 25 years as a business consultant, result in a perfectly blended experience of inspired wisdom and practical strategies, which propel you into a new and expanded future.  

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Upcoming Workshops for Spiritual Entrepreneurs
(Live with Susan via Zoom)

Let Divine Inspiration be the guide for Your Next Chapter and build or expand a business that reflects your spiritual essence.

Master Class:
Become a Spiritual Entrepreneur

Live on Zoom

Check back soon for upcoming dates!


Access Divine Inspiration to create or
expand a business that aligns
with your spiritual essence.   


A Brief Overview of Susan's
Business Consulting Background


For these programs and services, Susan McGraw combines her ability to access Divine Inspiration, her expertise as an Intuitive Strategist, and more than 25 years of experience as a Career Coach and Business Consultant.

he has been an executive coach, consultant, trainer, and professional speaker for entrepreneurs just starting a business, small business owners wanting to expand, and long-established organizations with a goal of enhancing service delivery to the individuals or communities they serve.  She has worked with hundreds of organizations including governmental agencies, educational institutions, corporations, community-based collaboratives, and non-profit organizations.  


What clients said about
Business Services for Spiritual Entrepreneurs....

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"When I first worked with Susan, I lacked direction and wasn't really sure where I wanted to go in my professional life.  With ease and clarity, she was able to break down the barriers that I had put in place for myself and my business.  There was pain and sadness from a death of a very close friend that I had been holding on to that was holding me back. I never mentioned the death of my friend, but Susan was able to bring him through and described him with unbelievable detail. Tears were flowing!  Just hearing from him helped me to move forward. 


Susan was able to help me see dynamics in my life and business that were previously hidden that helped me gain traction where I had been slipping for so long.  I was blessed with highly valuable information with very specific details.  She is absolutely a treasure in this world and I highly recommend her!  She has brought me peace and ease where there once was chaos and sadness."  Trish R., Northern CA

"I highly recommend Susan McGraw as an excellent website designer. She is a skilled and professional designer. It was a great experience working with her as she took time to understand my needs and goals, then customized a beautiful and complete e-portfolio website specifically for me.  She then took the time to review the site with me via zoom and showed me how I could easily add more information in the future. I sent about 40 texts to friends with the URL of my new site and received many compliments on how great it looks."  Karen D., Seattle, WA

"Susan has been a pleasure to work with, very professional and knowledgeable. Her intuitive guidance is spot on.  She used a very organic process, incorporating that intuitive guidance about my uniqueness and business goals, to create a customized site that screams "ME" fits me so perfectly.  Her mission to empower others is one close to my heart as well and I appreciated her ability to teach me how to maintain my own site."  Terri S., Lafayette, IN

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