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Turning off the spigot to abundance...

As you know, tuning into this energy on a regular basis is extremely helpful in staying energetically clear, so that you can be a flowing channel of inspiration and allow divine inspiration to flow through you. The more that you allow your ego, your intellectual mind to run the show, the more that you will experiencing struggle.

Just surrender. Let go of the illusion of control. Recognize that all will come to you if you open yourself on a daily basis to the flow of universal energy. When you are in the flow of universal energy, you will feel alive, inspired, free, and can then experience the peace, joy, and happiness that you so desire.

You need to quit “thinking” your way to solutions, thinking your way to your desired outcomes, and instead ALLOW….allow all good things to flow to you, from you, as you experience being in the flow on a daily basis. The moment that you attempt to engage your intellectual mind in understanding, anticipating, planning, directing, and controlling, you move out of the flow. You believe that you are back in the driver’s seat.

Visualize your physical body being the open spigot where the flowing energy of the universe can move up and down your chakra or energy system. You are an open container for flow. As soon as you engage your intellect, your ego mind, you turn the spigot off and stop the flow. This analogy is appropriate now as you have been working on creating the flow of water outside your home to be able to nurture your outdoor garden. Currently the flow is stopped and has been for awhile. Although your garden is still beautiful, after some time with no water flow, or nourishment, the garden will begin to die.

This is true for the physical and spiritual body as well. The more that you are open to the flow of energy in your physical body, and emotionally open to the flow of energy in your emotional body, and align your energy with your spiritual self….the alignment of flow on all three levels creates great abundance pouring forth through you.

However, inadvertently, you have been turning off the valves for the spigot…imagine there is a valve at the base of your spine around the first and second chakra in the energy system and another valve between the 4th and 5th chakra (heart and throat). When you turn off the valve at the base of the throat, you are operating out of your ego//intellect attempting to fix, change, control, anticipate, predict, plan for your future and you are now out of the present moment, out of the flow.

When you feel fear about not having enough, you are turning off the valve at the base of your spine near the first and second chakras and are disconnecting from the flow of universal energy that grounds you to the physical plane on earth.

So using your mind to predict or control the future stops the flow of energy from the universal mind, which supports your access to divine inspiration. Experiencing the fear of the future and not having enough, stops the flow of energy that grounds you and provides support to manifestation in your earthly existence.

In essence, you have shut off the flow in both directions and are attempting to control the physical manifestation process without any support from the universal field. This leads to great struggle on the planet and great struggle within your own life. This is the pattern that you have been experiencing throughout your life that you are attempting to release now, once and for all.

The reason that you are experiencing this glitch at the moment is that you have been immersed in your physical work reality again and when you do, you often lose your daily connection with source because you stop your daily meditation practice and therefore, find it more challenging to maintain the open channel to the flow of abundance on every level and return to attempting to control your life with your intellect/ego.

We encourage you now, to recognize that it is in your best interest to maintain a disciplined daily practice of meditation, channeled writing, and activities to support your physical health so that you stay in the flow, and feel the peace, joy, and love on a regular basis. In that way, you will be amazed at the change in the quality of your physical work. You will be amazed at the type of work that spontaneously comes to you. You will find yourself in new situations that have a different quality or feel to them that will be more nurturing and supportive of who you really are.

We have suggested to you and will remind you….have no fear. You are protected. You are being held in the palm of the hand of the universal source, the God that is visible in all things. Be joyful, be peaceful, be happy. All is well for you.

With much love,


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