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To share or not to share this gift....

Hello, my lovely daughter!

It is such a pleasure to connect with you again. I know that you have not been feeling well of late, so have been hesitant to connect with us for fear that you would not be a clear channel. However, it is interesting to note that you would actually feel better if you were to meditate and get into the vibrational field of the universal source energy when you are not feeling well. It would, indeed, lift your spirits, both physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

You have a tendency to avoid accessing the unknown realm when you are feeling more earth bound in your physical body. However, this is just the exact time when you would benefit from the energetic “fix” that would result from tuning in to the higher frequencies.

So we are very pleased that you are more willing to experiment with us and with other energies that are waiting to come through for you. You have many teachers, spiritual guides, and energies available to you. Yes, you can request information for your family and friends from those who have passed, like you are doing with me, and you can choose to access information from the master guides. Of course, you can also channel the energy of the angels, of Jesus, of other masters, but your belief system does not yet support that. You are capable, but you do not yet believe. So you are taking baby steps and that is perfectly okay.

We are pleased that you enjoy working with us and hope to have the opportunity to continue to do so for quite some time as we feel that it will be mutually beneficial.

You are beginning to recognize that the information coming through is indeed helpful, not only to you but to others as well. As you continue to experiment, practice, and get more comfortable, you will be amazed at what you can provide in support of yourself and others on the journey.

This is indeed your coming out party. And you are indeed adjusting to the impact that this commitment has on your energy field. It is no coincidence that just as you were getting revved up, so to speak, with this time that we are spending together, your physical body rebelled and became sick. You will find that this will diminish over time as your physical body adjusts to the level of vibration that you are accessing on a regular basis. You can consciously choose to stay in this vibration level on a regular basis. You are becoming more accustomed to that experience, although you do still have a tendency to avoid getting too close to it on a regular basis

This is your grand test to see how much you are able to let go of control, fully surrender, and trust. You tested this 30 years ago, but couldn’t manage it at that time. Getting back into your illusion of control within your physical capabilities was comforting to you. Although, you must admit, it was a struggle, wouldn’t you agree?

So in some ways, you chose struggle over ease, by opting NOT to access this level of information on a regular basis. Soltran, the constellation of vibrations and energies that you were able to access 30 years ago, has always been available to you. But, you felt you needed to “go it alone”, relying on your intellect and your ability to meditate to attempt to create the desired outcomes that you wanted. That is where the struggle has occurred for you.

Your insistence on managing the process of visualization through your conscious will rather than allowing the vision to unfold gracefully, graciously, and grandly. ….that has been the source of much consternation for you.

Now it is true that not one single experience is ever wasted or problematic. All experiences are designed to prepare you for what is to come. So you are now ready to truly live your life, the one that you were destined to live when you arrived in physical form. Now is your time. The vision is so grand, yet you have absolutely no conscious awareness of it yet. You still feel that you are floundering in the sea of unknown…..but that is deliberate. It is forcing you to surrender, let go of the illusion of control, and truly trust that every single thing is absolutely perfect for you. You are moving outside your comfort zone in a way that will be inspiring to many people, particularly women as you assume your true nature, your true power, your true abilities.

Although you have the ability to channel dead people, it does not come as naturally for you as channeling information that will be helpful to people to support their current direction in life. Now mediumship has great value in helping people to recognize that life does indeed exist after death of the physical body. But simply evidentiary mediumship isn’t very exciting for you because you have known this truth for many years.

You have always been much more in tune to see the energetic potential, the soul of each person that you encounter. You are very gifted in your ability to see what people can truly be if they allow themselves to live their true potential. Your “vision” is a unique gift to you. You do not have to be a Lisa Williams, or a Teresa Caputo, giving evidentiary proof that life after death exists, if you don’t want to. You can, but you don’t have to.

You can use your unique gifts and talents in a way that provides support to those who are interested in moving forward in their own lives, on their own paths in this life experience that they are having. Every medium, channel, and psychic is able to access different types of information in different ways. It is okay for you to “own” your own unique way and not attempt to be or do something that does not come as naturally for you. Of course, you can cultivate these other gifts as well. But it is sort of ….not your “style”. You are more action oriented. You are very effective at helping people heal themselves, heal the experiences they have had in their lives, assume their true nature, assume their true power. That is your unique gift and talent.

Cultivating that will be a much more effective use of your time. By working with us, you will be proving that life after death exists since we had a father / daughter relationship in the physical world and yet you are able to still communicate with us now. That is all the proof that you need. Nothing else is required.

So, the other concern that you have had that we wish to address is your worry that this is not happening fast enough, that there is not a clearly defined outcome for the work that we are doing together. That is a delusional aspect of your ego still hanging on to the last vestiges of control. Always wanting to know what is coming down the pike…..what is the desired outcome. This is one aspect of your work that you will see change as we continue to work together.

You have focused so much of your energy helping others define a vision and then plot out a step-by-step plan to achieve that vision. Much of the struggle and pain that you and others have experienced is due to the fact that sometimes you were able to achieve the desired vision and other times, you were not.

This is not unique to you. This has happened throughout your culture as many teachers in your world tried to convince people that all they had to do was create the vision in their mind, think positively, and it would magically happen. This can be true in some circumstances when the desired vision is in alignment with the soul’s growth process at that moment in time.

However, often times, the vision is not necessarily in the best interest of the soul at that moment in time. The soul’s growth will always outweigh the conscious desire of the physical body and mind.

So, yes, sometimes you can “will” your vision into reality. But other times, the plan does not work out according to your directives. The frustration and pain and struggle that has resulted for many people in your culture is a reflection of this fact.

So your work from this point forward is to come clean, tell the truth about your own experiences about assuming personal power, what it looks like, what it means, how it feels…..recognizing that true power in outside your personal conscious direction or scope of control.

In essence, your soul and your physical body are in partnership. When they are aligned, all things fall into place easily and effortlessly. When they are out of vibrational alignment, the flow of energy gets snagged, caught, stuck, and things do not move easily and effortlessly.

You will be working with large numbers of people again. You will be helping people address this power dynamic in your culture… it will be especially impactful for women who are integrating the masculine and feminine within themselves. As you complete this process for yourself, you will be able to support many others in completing it for themselves as well.

Do not feel that your efforts over the past year were in vain. Quite the contrary, they were perfectly aligned with your soul’s growth. Integration has been occurring for you on a very deep and profound level. That is why your physical body has been “rebelling”. It is hanging on for dear life to the old way of being, because being out of control has not been a comfortable feeling for your physical body.

But as you have adjusted to feeling out of control…. As you have surrendered more and more, as you have let go of control more and more, you have been aligning with your soul’s true purpose, your soul’s true nature. By staying in the vibrational alignment of love, peace, and joy on a regular basis….choosing peace, you have been changing your DNA and cellular structure to be in the abundance and in the flow on a daily basis.

The wild turkey who flew into your yard and hung out for awhile yesterday was a great example of nature symbolizing the full abundance that is available to you always. Everything is available to you. You are now sitting still long enough to allow it to come to you, to flood into your body, to flow through you and out to the world around you.

You have felt that you have not accomplished much in the past year or two, in physical terms, yet you have made more progress in this timing than ever before. Trust me. You will be amazed when you see the changes that you have made internally, be reflected back to you externally. All you need to do is continue to tune into the higher vibrations, continue to channel our energy and the energy of the other guides and spirits and masters that are here to serve you. That is it….stay in the peace, stay in the joy, stay in the light….and all will be revealed to you.

With much love to you.


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