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Happy Father's Day, 6/17/18

Susan: Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Dad: Ah, yes, welcome back, my dear!

We are so pleased to be with you today. …particularly on this day that you celebrate your connection to your fathers in your country. It is a fine day for celebration. We encourage you to not only consider your earthly father but also your father in heaven. That language is challenging for some of you in your culture as there are so many images or connotations of what that language means. We suggest to you that the father in heaven is the same energy as the mother in heaven, which is the same energy as God in heaven, which is the same energy as Christ in heaven.

All of these descriptors are ways of describing the same experience, the same energy field, the same universal knowledge. The truth is that the universal energy field, source energy, is the same as the universal mind, infinite wisdom, God, father, mother, son, Christ in heaven. The energy field is the same regardless of what you call it in your earthly language, in your country. In essence, it is the field of universal love, the field of energy that is most aligned with universal source energy, which is LOVE.

So there are many names for the word “love," since the “love” that you experience in your culture, between partner, spouse, family, and friends, is quite different than the universal energy of God, the father, mother, son, and spirit. It is difficult for your current frame of reference to even begin to imagine the love that is available to you when you cross over to the other side. This energy field is, of course, available to you during your time in the physical body, but you can not fully appreciate it or experience it's magnitude until you have returned to the source, at least to some degree.

Every other experience of this type of unconditional love is so pale in comparison….because you, as humans, have not often experienced true unconditional love. Your tendency is to think you are experiencing unconditional love with each other, but as soon as the other person does something that is not in complete agreement or harmony with you, watch how fast the sparks fly!! As you know, it is difficult for humans to truly experience unconditional love, mostly because there are so few role models for this, although there have been many individuals who have walked on the earth who have been able to experience and demonstrate this unconditional love….Jesus, the Buddha/Dalai Lama, Krishna, Gandhi, and other great teachers have been able to achieve this while still in human form.

But the experience of living a truly unconditionally loving life seems to elude most of you. And that is truly okay….it is what it is….you are who you are….your path is uniquely designed to accommodate your growth. So for some of you, living an unconditionally loving life is not part of your karmic return in this timing. For others, this has been a challenge that needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

So here it is, the day of celebrating fathers. We thank you for your acknowledgement of your father, John, who so loved you in this most recent experience that you had together. We are so glad that you have allowed us to continue to interact with you in this way. We love the tribute that you have created to share our communications with others. This will be a lovely way to create a dialogue with others who are interested in these experiences or who may have been having their own experiences. You need not have any fear.

On this the day that you commemorate fathers in your culture, we commend you for turning to us, our lovely daughter, and acknowledge the impact that we have had on each other, as your dad in this most recent lifetime. There isn’t a Happy Daughter’s day, so we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being the very best daughter you could be to us by simply being who you truly are every day of your life. You were a great gift for us, a wise teacher, even in your youth, and we have learned much from our life with you.

Thank you. We are sending you much love and light to you, our lovely daughter.

Love, Dad

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