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Cultivating a new life...

I am here for you, my daughter.

You are experiencing a major adjustment in your physical energy field. The contrast between the high energy vibration that you are experiencing when blending with our energy field and in meditations contrasts sharply with your physical vibration in your day to day reality. This contrast is causing you to feel much exhaustion, illness, physical dis-ease as your physical body attempts to adjust to this higher vibratory level.

You are making a dramatic shift from the frenetic ‘action-oriented’ energy of your life until this point to a more serene, calm, surrendered energy, truly receptive to the love, peace, and joy that is available to you at every moment of every day. This contrast in vibratory fields is unsettling at this time, because your physical body has not quite assimilated to the new energy. The difference in the past is that you were living our physical life and then meditating occasionally.

Now you are committed to living in the energy of the higher vibrations on a regular basis. Your decision to do this and to commit to this is the reason that things have been shifting for you. You go from periods of high energy to almost a grogginess of low energy. Almost an energy hang over, so to speak. Although you have not been aware of it, you are accomplishing much physical shifting in your dream/sleep state. This is causing much disruption in your physical being as well.

It is all totally fine. Do not have any worries about this. You are learning to live in a place of calm, centered, resting receptivity. This is quite foreign to you and your cells. The addiction that your cells have had to the workaholism, to the frenetic overuse of the physical body, to the abuse and destruction of the energy, is now working its way out of your physical body.

You are not yet even aware of how dramatic this change is for you. The commitment that you have made to surrender, let go of control, and truly trust is so massive in comparison to the life that you have led to this point in time that your body is simply requiring more time to adjust, to release the toxic chemicals of the emotional patterns that you have been addicted to, that the cells have been addicted to. That is what is causing the discomfort in the body. Your body and the cells of your body are rebelling….lashing out ….holding on to everything they possibly can to retain the familiar patterns, retain the chemical influx of the emotions of fear, anxiety, workaholism, battle, struggle, etc.

Again, you have not considered how destructive these patterns have been that you have had locked into your cells. Let us also remind you that the patterns are not just locked into place in the current lifetime, but you also have many experiences stored in the cellular memory of the cells from past experiences, either earlier in this lifetime, or memories from other experiences, that have been deeply ingrained.

You have been conscious of this dynamic for many years now, but have struggled to find ways to release these patterns. You have worked on it from many angles, many modalities, many approaches. All of that has been helpful and good, so do not be dismayed that your efforts have not been fruitful. But it is indeed like pealing the layers of the onion. You go deeper and deeper into the onion as you release more and more of the old patterns.

You have changed tremendously in the past 1.5 years, as you have changed tremendously over the course of your lifetime. You are birthing a new Susan. You are beginning the new life that you are creating for yourself. We know that it is uncomfortable for you to sit in the sit in the unknown. But this is a resting time for you. You are giving your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body time to rest, recover, release, rejuvenate, refresh, and renovate.

This is truly a reinvention. Not a new chapter in your life or a new experience in your life. But instead, this is a major reworking of your entire life. You are becoming a brand new person, one who reacts in an entirely new way to the world around you.

Do not have any fear, have no doubt, have no worry. This is perfectly aligned to help you truly become and live your authentic life, become your authentic self. That is the work at hand, my dear. This is your opportunity. All that you have ever dreamed for yourself, all of the gifts that you have cultivated, all of the wisdom that you have gathered, is now coming to fruition. You are on the right path. You are becoming a happy, joyful, wise, peaceful person. As you ‘be’ the person that you truly are, you will start to see the external world reflect that change. You will start to notice that people will react to you differently. They will see you in a new and different way. You will react differently. You will no longer be triggered by events outside of you, which are not your responsibility or within your scope of control.

When you live every day in the moment, in the present, in the space of peace, joy, happiness, and hope, you will be truly amazed at how this is reflected back to you.

You will have everything that you need, everything that you could ever want.

Just get into the flow of love, light, peace, joy… the flow of peace, love, joy, happiness. Treat everyone that you meet from a place of peace, joy, and happiness. Release all judgment. Allow each person to live their own path, have their own experience. Allow them to be on their own path.

Surrender and you will gain everything. We talked about surrender in our last message. And yes, your are correct, that the concept of surrender has been associated in your culture with losing the battle, flying the white flag, losing everything, giving up. But you are learning that true surrender is opening yourself to everything, all possibilities, all potentialities. Being truly receptive, willing, open, receptive, receiving…..the state of gratitude for that which is already received. When you truly surrender to the creative, infinite field of possibilities, you allow the universal field, the source energy to manifest everything that you are holding in your energy filed.

So, be the peace, be the joy, be the happiness, and the universe will continue to provide opportunities for you to experience that which you truly are. The more than you stay in the infinite field of possibilities, the more that you experience infinite possibilities.

Be patient with yourself, my lovely daughter. Rest, rejuvenate, relax. Have fun, be light, be love. And all will be well.

Lots of love to you, my dear Susan!



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