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Is this for real???

Question: Am I truly capable of being a medium and communicating with other people who have crossed over (besides my dad) or of being a channel for master guides?

Dad: So what am I….chopped liver? Yes, it is true that you still doubt your abilities. The truth is that you have not truly cultivated your gift yet. You have relied so heavily on your intellectual mind that you tune out the frequencies that you can choose to access if you want. It is a gift, but it must be consciously cultivated to use it fully. That is one of your growth opportunities in this lifetime.

Yes, you are aware that you have had some negative experiences in your past lives with this type of gift. That is why you feel so much fear around using it in this lifetime so blatantly. You are okay using it subtly, but you are afraid to “go public” so to speak because of the fear of negative consequences that might occur. It Is true that this has been one source of your concerns, in general, in this lifetime, about what other people think of you. You want to be liked, to be seen as smart, to be seen as strong, to be viewed as powerful. Much of that comes from previous experiences, which are stored in the cellular memory of your cells that causes you to feel uneasy, worried about taking too strong of a stance that might be viewed negatively by others.

Whether it is your political perspective or your spiritual gifts, both have been causes of concern for you in your history… you have indeed “taken up the sword of battle” around causes or ideologies that you believed in and you paid a heavy price for that. In this lifetime, you have felt out of alignment with the timing of the issues/politics of your culture. Yet here it is and you are sitting back, watching and waiting. A very different approach than you would ever have dreamed that you would take.

This lifetime is about finding a new way of working with this type of conflict. A new way of behaving, thinking, feeling, believing. Instead of taking up the sword, you are taking up the “love”. By channeling “loving” information, rather than responding to the events of the world from anger, frustration, and disappointment, you are finding the new way of being in this world with conflict.

You were speaking about transformational mediation with your friend this morning. It is similar. You are finding a way to transform the anger, frustration, and anxiety that you have lived during your lifetime so far and transforming it to peace, joy, and love. We recognize that this is very foreign for you. Not so comfortable for you as you have always been much more comfortable doing battle from anger, self-righteousness.

This new approach honors that every human being on this planet is having his/her own soul growth experience. Every human on the planet NEEDS to have the exact experience that they are having. It is important not to interfere with their path. Responding with love, unconditional love, rather than fear, anger, or anxiety is the key to breaking through these old, very ingrained responses to life on the earth plane.

All of your greatest teachers on your planet, the true masters, have shared this knowledge that the true soul growth on this planet comes from non-violence, non-resistance, peace, and love. Speaking the truth with love may not produce the exact outcome that you desire in any given moment, but it will certainly cause the desired effect in your own soul growth, and therefore, the contribution that you make to the planet while you are in this lifetime.

So, yes, you have the gift of psychic intuition, you have many abilities that you have not fully cultivated yet. But now is your time. Now is the time to allow, allow yourself to expand in new ways. Be open to new ways of expressing yourself, allow yourself to feel the peace, joy, and love on a daily basis. To feel the abundance that surrounds you, envelopes you, is fully present for you.

When you are able to maintain this level of frequency on a daily basis, all things will flow toward you. Take your time. Have no fear. Just be happy. That is all that is necessary.

We do suggest that this is time to watch what you feed into your mind and your body. Minimize any content that doesn’t vibrate at the highest frequency as it reduces your frequency as well. Be light, be love, be the peace you want to see in the world.

Love, Dad

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