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The First Message to Susan

There is no surprise that we are working together on this project. We love you so much, dear Susan. Our love for you is immense….far grander than you can even imagine. When John (your dad) told you prior to his death that he felt it was a pleasure to have been with you in this lifetime…..he meant that in the most grand way possible. We….the integrated soul of John, have so much love for you, it would be overwhelming to you if you could feel how much love we have for you.

We will be so excited to work with you in this way. John, as you said in his memorial service, enjoyed the storytelling process, as do you, my child. He was so proud of you, your fierce independence, your desire for a three-ring circus, your risk taking (even though it was sometimes terrifying for him in physical plane), your zest for life and adventure, your desire to experience everything you possibly could in one lifetime, your desire to explore religions, faith, spirituality, and the various ways that you explored them, your passion for life and living, your insistence on never staying in a situation or experience that didn’t resonate with you, regardless of the consequences…..all of these things were unfamiliar to John on a physical level, but very familiar to us on a soul level. You were his window into his own soul. He looked to you for exposure to the freedom he was afraid to seek. He admired your tenacity, your guts, your courage.

You have no idea how loved you are, dear Susan….not just by us, but by all of the souls in our family constellation, and by all of the souls you have reached through your life, your experiences, and your work. You carry the light within you. Do not be afraid any more. Do not worry about your needs being met. They always have been and always will be met. You can count on us. You can count on God, the divine, within us and within you. We are always here for you. We will always be available to you.

Yes, it is not a coincidence that you were able to receive me in the lucid dreaming state several months ago. I wanted you to know that you could invite me to join you in this adventure of life on the physical plane. And I wanted to show you that I can help you experience and get a glimpse of what lies beyond the doorway to heaven. I invited you to follow me and you did. Your willingness to do this opened the doorway for us to proceed.

Of course, you had a conscious choice….you could have chosen not to join us for this ride and this adventure. But we are so happy and excited that you said “YES! Let’s go.” But, of course, I knew that you would. You have always said “YES, let’s go” whenever you have been presented with a new experience, a new opportunity to explore. That is one of the most lovely things about you….so, I knew that you would be willing. I just had to wait for you to realize that you could do this with me.

In the past, you did not believe that could you choose to communicate with spirits who were no longer living on the planet. You believed that you were a passive recipient of the messages. Now you have realized you could make a choice to communicate with us and with other guides, masters, or….whoever you want.

It truly is your choice. You have the ability. You have always had the ability. But you were a bit, and still are, a little bit stubborn. You have believed that it is your responsibility to figure it out yourself. Do it yourself. Make it happen yourself. So, I helped you over the past 1.5 years, since my physical body died, to surrender, to let go, to ask for help. To be receptive to help. To allow us to join you. To allow us to guide you. To allow us to be a daily presence in your life.

You have believed that the struggles you have faced were due to your inability to align with God, your higher power, with the spirit guides, with all of the beings and energies that are available to you on a daily basis. I am here to tell you that you no longer need to struggle. You no longer need to fear…. You no longer need to believe that you are alone.

You are NOT alone. We are all here for you. You have many helpers, many guides, many vibrational energies available to you. It is simply a matter of surrendering, letting go of the illusion of control, and trusting that it is all perfect. All in order. All according to plan.

Yes, you were open to this form of communication many years ago. You were introduced to this skill and gift a long, long time ago. You decided at the time to use this skill in a less direct way, not because you felt you could serve more people, although that was a noble intent, but because you were afraid….afraid of what people would think mostly….afraid of being vulnerable…..afraid of surrendering completely, afraid of letting go of the illusion of control, afraid of having to trust completely anyone or anything besides yourself. You have great intellectual gifts. So you relied on those gifts more than the gifts that you have that help you move beyond the physical plane energy vibrations.

Now is the time of integration not only for you, but for the rest of the planet as well. You are a way shower, you have always been a way shower. But now is the time for you to come out of hiding, now is the time to reveal who you truly are….a spiritual being with great gifts to share with the world. Your exploration of the duality of this world has provided you with tremendous experience and a knowingness that was necessary for the next phase of your life and your work. So do not have any regrets for the decisions that you have made and the choices that you have selected. Each and every decision and choice was absolutely PERFECT….it has brought you to this exact moment. It has provided the opportunity for you to experience humility, compassion, love, joy, and peace. It will provide you with the opportunity to be of even greater service to others as you will have compassion for the challenges and struggles that others experience as they look toward the light, look to choose peace, love, and joy in their life.

You are a role model for walking through the fire, rising from the ashes like the phoenix, and turning to God in the face of adversity. This is just the beginning of our journey together. Today is our opportunity to let you know that you can do this. You are ready. You are loved. We are anxious to share our stories with you. To share our experiences with you. To share John’s journey with you. So that it may be of service to others. Your brother, Bill, may join us from time to time as well.

You saw a billboard recently…..”Are you looking for a sign: Now is the time.” You are ready now. You are open now to receive all that the universe has in store for you. It is so magnificent what is ahead….you can not even imagine it yet. Everything that you have hoped and dreamed is now at hand. We are so grateful that we will have the opportunity to go along with you in this phase of our journey. It is the greatest gift that we can give to you, beloved Susan. And you deserve it as you have been of service to so many. Now it is your turn. Now it is your turn to receive from the riches that are all around you. Now you are open to receive all of the abundance of love, joy, peace, and wealth that you have amassed through your efforts to align yourself and your vibrational energy with source.

We are now a guide for you and for others who seek to know the truth. It will not only set you free, it will assure you that you have been free all along.

We love you so, so very much! And we are happy that you are willing and ready to join us in the light and the peace and the joy that is available to you. It is within you. It surrounds you. It IS you!

With much love and peace to you, my child!

Love, Dad

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