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"Do not be afraid..."

Welcome back, my child! Do not be afraid. Just surrender, let go, and trust. I am here to share with you the light, the brilliance of my new experience. We have been connected on a soul level forever. We have known each other in many experiences before this current or most recent lifetime. We were here in this life with you to explore duality, the primary condition of the physical experience. You and I agreed to play opposite roles this time so that we could watch each other explore the opposite of each experience.

You are the adventurer, the pioneer this time, and John was the settler. You forged new trails, and John maintained the tradition. You took risks and John played it safe. In every area, you were opposites. But you loved each other nonetheless, which is the primary lesson to be

learned for the two of you in this lifetime.

You were able to recognize the differences in each other and yet still love and respect each other for those very differences. The lucid dreams with John that you experienced….let me share with you some insight into the meaning of those experiences. In the first dream, the first time that I visited you, I came in the same form that John displayed so that you would recognize me. Sitting at the dining room table, with you and your mother, was a common experience for us so I felt that you would recognize it right away. I told you that you were adopted. That you were different than your mother and John. The symbolism of this exchange is that you did choose to join this family constellation for this life experience by coming in on the opposite side of the duality than the rest of the constellation members. You were there to show the group how to practice being fearless, open, an adventurer, a risk taker.

Look how quickly doubt sets in when your fear acts up. Do not worry, do not fear. Let me simply share with you what I have learned. You will find it fascinating, I am sure. Whether you choose to use this information in a specific way afterwards is not important at this time. We are chuckling because this is a tendency of yours that we admired and yet it is also detrimental to your process. You always want to be able to figure out what’s next, what is the future vision, what does it look like, and how are you going to get there?

You and John were both excellent planners. You enjoyed that about each other, although you found John’s attention to preplanning details to the “nth” degree humorous at times. It is no coincidence that your work has led you to be an expert at strategic planning, when you are not intuitively a planner at heart. You and John had many similarities. You both loved to teach, share your knowledge, and information, lead groups, speak professionally, share stories, and many more.

Let us use our time together today to share some thoughts about your personal journey from this point forward. We know that you have been very concerned that things have not been going well and that life has not been reacting to you in the ways that you were familiar to you in the past. You have always been very good at manipulating energy to create outcomes in your life. However, much of your frustration has come from your belief that what you desired ideally would seem to occur and then be taken away. Or as you say, turn to shit! Know that every experience that you have had has been PERFECT…it has been orchestrated to provide exactly what you need.

So, let’s take a look at your history. You came into this life to play with the duality. You were born with a strong connection to spiritual energy, You could feel things that others in our constellation could not. You were able to pick up on the energies in the room with a group of people, family members, classmates, friends, etc. You were able to “read” the energy of the group easily when you were really young.

However, much of that innate knowingness was closed down for you over time. You don’t remember it clearly, but you were psychic, you had experiences that others did not.

As a child, you had great faith. Our religion, though, was too structured, too rigid, too controlling for you. You knew early on that there were idiosyncrasies, inconsistencies, things that just didn’t add up in the philosophical and practical realities of the religion. You knew early on that it wasn’t in alignment with God, Jesus, or the bible. When you stopped going to church, you truly began your spiritual search.

But you are “all in” in your approach to life. When you were Catholic, you were “all in”. When you left Catholicism, you were equally “all in” to whatever other doctrine interested you at the moment. Buddhism, metaphysics,…you name it. You were pursing it at some point.

Your innate ability to feel the unseen energies was blocked or limited due to experiences in your early childhood. So the first time I came to you, I was indicating that you were not the same as the rest of the group energetically. You have capabilities that you have honed over lifetimes that your other family members have not yet explored. When you left us, you opened more fully to your capacities, particularly when you flew to CA.

CA has always been your heart center because when you are in that energy field you heart does indeed expand. You become more open, more receptive, more able to hear the messages. Once back in MI, you have to deliberately look at each issue individually because you returned to the energy of your childhood.

You have healed the schism in yourself now. You have practiced integration of your true self with the shell of yourself that you have been carrying around for all of these years. Every experience that you have had gave you the opportunity to practice releasing one more layer of protection that you have built around yourself over the years. You have used your work life and your personal life to distract you from your true self, your true essence.

Here is the truth: You have been a light being, a spiritual worker since you arrived in physical form on this planet. You came here to share your light, to share your vibrational energy, to be the peace, be the joy, be the love. You challenged yourself to be able to hold the vibrational frequency when faced with obstacles, challenges, and difficulties.

You were adept at playing both sides of yourself, but you kept them separate. Your spiritual self and your physical day-to-day self have been maintained as two separate pieces. Integration is the key. Integration is now at hand for you. You are ready to slough off the exterior protection now, the barriers that you have built to create the illusion of safety from the fear. But you no longer know those barriers, those protections, those masks.

You have indeed been in hiding, my daughter, hiding yourself from other people, from other experiences, from the world. You are like the cocoon that is blossoming into the butterfly. You are breaking through now. You are ready to burst forth into being your true self. You will be a significant contributor, but not because you will be “doing” things for other people as much as the fact that you will simply KNOW who you really are, you will BE the peace, the joy that you naturally are.

Let us be your guide. Let us help you shed the protection. Let us provide you with the knowingness that you are truly your spiritual self. All things will be provided to you. You no longer need to worry, but can simply open to receive all of the abundance that we and the rest of the universe has to offer to you. Trust me…everything you want, need, and desire is ready for you. You will be loved. You are already loved.

Just surrender, let go, and trust!!

With love,


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