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Be the peace...

Let’s talk about “peace”.

This is such an important word in your world. People throw the term around and have an infinite number of meanings associated with it. Sometimes a mother may be yelling at her children for “peace and quiet”. Sometimes the beauty pageant contestants will wish for “world peace” as their priority if they were to win the contest. Sometimes your political leaders will call for peace, while simultaneously bombing another country in the name of “peace." Sometimes neighbors will be in conflict with each other, squabbling over boundaries in their property lines, and will wish for there to be “peace” in the neighborhood, with the lament….”can’t we all just get along." So you see, there are many, many, and in fact, an infinite number of connotations for the word “peace” that are thrown around so easily and effortlessly, not only in your country, but in the world at large.

So why is “peace” so prevalent a topic, and yet so elusive for humans to master? One of the key experiences on the planet earth is to recognize the oneness in all creation, that all things come from the same source. Your genealogy experts have now been able to prove that you are all genetically linked going back through history. Your newscasters have reveled in the conversation lately about the new Duchess of Sussex and how she is changing the English royal family. And yet, when tracing their history, it reveals that the British bloodline doesn’t extend very many generations back before it is infused with ancestors from other countries, nationalities, and ethnicities.

So almost since the beginning of human life on the planet, there have been struggles for power and control as humans have seen themselves as separate from each other, and in need of resources that they perceive may be in limited supply. Now those resources have been given an expanded definition. Sometimes the resources are space, land, food, or shelter. Sometimes the limited resources are the feeling of love and affection between two or more people.

Sometimes the biology of the male and female are designed to sustain the species through procreation, and yet that very same biology causes differences in how males and females of each species behave. So for two males to fight over females….that is common in almost all species on earth. So conflict always comes back to a feeling of separation, and gets displayed in efforts to gain power or control over others, regardless of the species involved.

As you add more sophisticated customs, cultures, technology, and weapons, the struggle for power, control, and resources gets even more exaggerated. You are seeing the outcome of this now on your planet as those with the most money tend to have the most power and control over other people, communities, countries, and the planet at large.

The divide between those who have the wealth and control the wealth versus those who don’t has widened causing much strife on the planet, as the fight for limited resources increases as the population creates more demand and the consequence’s of the accumulations of waste burdens the planet.

So the topic of peace has become ever more complicated as the world has gained more complexity. When you add the concept of spirituality and religion into the mix, the concept of peace gets even more fuzzy. Wars being held in the name of “God” are rampant on the planet. Individuals killing each other in the name of “peace”, i.e., “peace-keeping missions” is sort of an oxymoron, wouldn’t you say?

So what is the solution? As always, the way to peace on the planet is to find peace within yourself. Your greatest contribution to world peace is to find the peace within yourself. That peace comes from finding union between your physical self and your spiritual self. By aligning these two aspects of yourself, by being spiritual, truly living your spiritual self every minute of every day, by bringing that spiritual aliveness and awakening to every interaction you have, every conversation you have, every experience you have, you will find yourself feeling peaceful regardless of what is transpiring around you, outside of you.

In every moment, choose peace. Choose to feel peaceful. When agitated or anxious, fearful, or worried, stop. Breathe. Center yourself. Allow your body to take in the slow breath of peace. Inhale peace, exhale anxiety. Inhale peace, exhale fear. Inhale peace, exhale worry. Inhale peace, exhale anger. Inhale peace, exhale frustration. Inhale peace, exhale struggle. Inhale peace, exhale conflict.

Sounds so very simple, doesn’t it? Yet it is so difficult because humans are very much addicted to the feelings associated with anger, anxiety, fear, conflict, frustration, worry. Your media fuels these feelings as a means to create greater control over others. Your politicians fuel these feelings. You fuel these emotions and feelings with other people in your life. As you say, “everyone gets off on it.” It creates a rush of adrenalin, the fight or flight syndrome. You are all living and existing in a perpetual state of fight or flight.

This level of distress in the body causes disease over time, and fuels your readiness for battle. So any little provocation can trigger your reactions. Trigger your need to take up the sword and do battle. The feeling of peace in your body is foreign to most of you. You truly do not have much experience with it, at least not in adulthood. Perhaps it was more available to you as a young child. But it is not easily available or accessible to you in adulthood, since you have been conditioned in the cells of your body to be addicted to the emotions and the chemicals associated with each emotion in the cells of the body.

Breaking those patterns of addiction to the chemical reactions of emotions in your body is a challenge…takes a bit of commitment and determination and work on your part. Your day-to-day life is fraught with opportunities and experiences to pull you back to the old familiar feelings. So choosing peace takes a conscious commitment in every moment of every day. It is a choice, yet one that doesn’t come as easily for some of you as it might for others.

Look at your daily life to see if your external world is reflecting back to you your inner world of peace, joy, and happiness, or your inner world of anger, frustration, and struggle. What you see in your daily life is a reflection of what you are experiencing in your emotional body. What is with in, is also with out.

When you choose peace in your body, you will feel the sense of calm, beingness, that comes from being present in the moment, being one with the infinite mind, the energy field that surrounds everything. When you choose peace consistently in your inner experience, you maintain a reflection of that in the surrounding area. The more that you choose peace every day, the more that this energy field is carried with you to others. It is like the ripple effect of the pebble being thrown in the lake. The ripples go out in waves from the center, the stimulus, the rock. Ultimately, the pebble impacts the entire lake with its energy.

You can choose to be the pebble and cause the ripple effects of peace around you or you can choose to be the pebble and cause the ripple effect of war and struggle. Either way, you ARE the pebble and you are causing an effect around you in every moment.

Your vibration is extending from you to everything in your field. Every person that you see, every interaction that you have, every communication that you participate in, all of it is influenced by your energy field. You make the choice to be an influence for peace or an influence for war and struggle. That is your contribution to the consciousness of the planet. You are either a beacon of light, love, peace, and joy or a harbinger of darkness, frustration, struggle, conflict, anger, worry, fear, and war. It is happening whether you are aware of it or not. It is happening for every person on the entire planet.

Every person’s vibrational alignment is having a ripple effect on mass consciousness, which is the cumulative effect of each individual’s vibration. So the billions of vibrational patterns all merge into mass consciousness. And there you go….you are all one…one collective vibration on this planet….one mass consciousness.

So your contribution is to make a conscious choice. Do you want to be the pebble who creates ripples of peace, joy, and love? Or do you want to be the pebble who creates fear, darkness, pain, struggle, conflict, and war? That is really the only choice. Because you ARE the pebble and you ARE contributing to the planet every minute of every day. You are either contributing to world peace or contributing to the world’s fear and darkness. It is happening already. Your only choice is to determine what contribution you want to make.

So when looking at the challenges facing the planet today, you have two choices; take up the sword and do battle with anger, self-righteousness, and fear, as you do battle with the things that you do not appreciate or support. In this case, you will be contributing to the mass consciousness of anger, fear, and struggle through your vibrational alignment with those emotions.

Or….you can hold the emotional and vibrational energy for peace, love, and joy. Stand for the positive expression in every moment. Stand for the alignment with the common ground, the ideal that you wish to see in the world. Hold that energy in your energy field and you will be making a massive contribution to the planet.

It may seem counter intuitive, but it is real nonetheless. For peace to occur in any interaction, you must choose to BE the peace. Practice being in the energy of peace in your physical body, thoughts, and emotions every day. Turn off the TV. Turn off the social media. Turn off the negative messaging. Stop fueling your physical cells with the addictive patterns of the chemicals associated with fear, darkness, and violence.

Be the pebble that changes the world by holding the vibration of peace, joy, and love in every moment of every day. That is your calling. That is your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. The world is ready for the light to come to the planet. If individuals on the planet choose to hold the energy of peace, joy, and love, you will see a critical mass occur because there are more of you emerging from the rank and file. This is the time of awakening. Too many individuals on your planet have been living in the fear, darkness and inadvertently fueling it every day by listening to the political pundits, watching the distorted “fake news” on social media and TV, feeding the cells of their body with violence through movies, TV, and the news.

It sounds radical, but it is truly the only way for the planet to evolve…..each individual needs to choose peace. Then light will overcome the darkness.

It is absolutely possible for this to happen on the planet. All of the challenges facing humankind can be resolved if the collective consciousness evolves. Now is the time. You are now embarking on one of the most exciting times ever on this planet. You are all here now to witness this transformation, if humans rise to the challenge. It is the most grand of experiments.

For those of you who thought the last 50 years saw great transformation, get ready. You have seen nothing yet. What is to come will be most interesting. We are excited to have been invited along for the ride.

Till next time!

Love, Dad


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