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The "money" issue for light workers on the planet.....

You asked in your thoughts earlier today about money. Yes, you have been challenged in this lifetime with the concept of money. It has simply been a symbol for you to experience your own mental limitations and restrictions since it has truly always been available to you.

For much of your life, you pushed money away, inadvertently. You believed that you could not accept money from certain people….maybe you were afraid that they would not have enough…..maybe you were afraid that you did not deserve to receive it from individuals…maybe you were afraid that other people would not value or appreciate what you could offer or share with them….maybe you believed that it had to be difficult, a struggle, hard work to achieve….maybe all of these factors prevented you from being able to stay in the flow of money for long periods of time. This is so interesting to us since you were certainly able to call in large enough amounts of money when you wanted….big projects that paid 5 figure amounts.

And yet, for you, that wasn’t enough. You carried a deep-seated believe that you were not enough, and therefore, there would never be enough money. This is the true source of the lack of abundant flow in your life. Again, you have had abundant flow in your life, you just never believed that it was enough.

So, unlocking that pattern has taken much time, energy, and commitment on your part. You have been making great strides in this area in the past year or so. Recognizing that you were not responsible for other people, not responsible for solving their problems, changing their lives, or fixing their challenges. That is a major step required to unlock this pattern for you.

You are now shifting to the realization that you must BE the change that you want to see in the world. Therefore, you must BE abundant, open to receiving from any source that the unified field, God, wants to shower upon you. The money does not come from the work that you do. It does not come from the people that you consult with. It comes from within YOU! You know this but we want to reinforce that you are totally 100% correct. No money comes from any source outside of yourself. When you are aligned with the abundance within yourself, feeling total certainty and gratitude that it is already flowing THROUGH you, that is when you will notice the greatest shift in this area of your life.

Banish the fear! BANISH it! Eradicate it from your consciousness. KNOW that you are always taken care of, you are always generating your own abundance….it does not necessarily have to come from your work. You could choose to manifest it from any source. It is simply a matter of allowing the flow to move through you more fluidly, disconnected from the work itself. The more that you LIVE the life that you want, BE the person that you are, EMBRACE your authentic self, without worrying about anyone else’s judgment of you…..that is when the flow will truly occur. It is like the garden hose that has been kinked with fears over the years. Each year, more and more kinks were disentangled. Many more patterns were unlocked. NOW is the time!

It is actually so much easier than you believe. It is simply a shift in perception. A shift in perceived worth. A shift in living from a state of being that is full, alive, abundant, receiving all of the wondrousness of the universe….that is when all will be revealed to you and all that will be helpful will be provided. It doesn’t matter how much you receive at any one time. The key is to absolutely KNOW within your heart and you will ALWAYS have everything that you need.

This is a great topic for sharing with others as it preoccupies many of you needlessly. When you are living your life the way you want to live your life, the preoccupation with money subsides and the flow comes gushing forth. Get inspired again with the excitement of the next 25 to 30 years. Get inspired by the passion that you could bring to every aspect of your life again. You, of all people, have been filled with passion since birth. You lost that spark not too long again. Now is the time to regain that sense of aliveness, that sense of excitement, that sense of passion, commitment, inspiration. Now is the time, not only for you but for others as well.

Remove your focus from the negative events in the world….these are not a true reflection of what is happening around the world anyway. It is a focus that is being intentionally set up to instill fear, instill a feeling of powerlessness in everyone. By being spread by the media, it is having its intended effect. You need to make a choice to not participate in that energy field. It is the struggle of the darkness trying to overtake the light.

For those of you who are light workers, and there are many, now Is the time to truly resonate with the light, the love, the abundance, that is available to all. By staying in the light of the abundance, joy, and happiness, you will be contributing to the shift on the planet that is ready to be launched. You are needed for this launch. All of you who are open to the light, are needed to carry that light into the planet’s consciousness. That will counteract the darkness that is attempting to sneak in.

There is so much light on this planet. It is time for the light to shine in every corner, every nook and cranny. This is not accomplished by doing battle with the darkness. It is accomplished by taking your power and redirecting it to the light. Have people look at the light with you. Invite them to come into the light where you are.

Do not be tempted to go into the darkness in order to get them convinced to be in the light. Simply be the light and invite them to join with you where you are. That is your task for the next 25 years. Stay in the light, cultivate the light within yourself, be the light, the love, the joy, the peace, the happiness.

Live the life of your dreams and by doing so, allow others to see that they can do it for themselves as well. Be the role model by holding the energy for others to emulate. That is the quickest way to achieve peace, joy, love and harmony on this planet. Be the peace you want to see in the world. And be grateful for what you have already received and continue to receive.

With love,


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