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The "seasons" of the planet's evolution....

Oh, what a glorious day you are experiencing today. You are one with nature as you plant beautiful flowers in the pots on your deck overlooking the lovely lake. So today, let’s talk about the seasons….seasons of weather patterns, seasons of lives, seasons of experience.

So much of the human experience is related to the process of experiencing cyclical patterns, the ebb and flow of life and living.

Whether you live in a climate with four seasons or a climate that is continuous, you experience the ebb and flow of life through various seasons or phases or patterns.

Each of you has come into this world, in your current lifetime on this planet, with specific opportunities and experiences to be revealed to you over time. You have a contract with your spirit self or soul that is a covenant that you agreed to keep prior to your entry into this earthly experience.

Each path you are on is unique to you. No two individuals will choose the exact same path.

So, each individual on the planet is unique, with a unique purpose, unique set of experiences, and unique opportunities for growth, based upon what is in the best interest of the soul’s evolution.

So this is the exciting part of the human experience…..billions of individuals with billions of experiences. On the other hand, it reinforces the experience of separateness, separation from each other. So the feeling of oneness is difficult to appreciate when you are all so focused on your own evolutionary path.

The challenge that the planet faces is the need for humans to see that they are all one, all interconnected, and that this interconnectedness is what will assist them in working together to ensure that the decisions that are made support the greater good of the whole. However, the individualism that is inherent in the human experience, seems counter to that, with a sense of “everyone is in it for themselves” and decisions are made based on the self interest of individuals rather than the greater good of the whole.

So how does this relate to the seasons? Throughout history, there have been cycles or patterns. Groups of individuals, who have chosen to visit the planet at the same time in history, have experienced these cycles or patterns together. These cycles have repeated themselves in various formats and ways over time as soul groups or soul constellations return as a collective to review the experiences of their past history (consciously or subconsciously) and provide each other with the opportunity to have a “do over” or to replay various experiences from different perspectives in order to have a wholly developed, complete sense of the self in relation to the soul, the personal versus the collective, the individual consciousness versus the mass consciousness.

These cycles and patterns over time have formed the basis, not only for individual evolution or soul growth by also for the collective evolution of the mass consciousness of the planet.

So when you study history you see various cycles or patterns playing out around power and control, victimhood and empowerment, male and female, light and dark, good and evil.

The grand experiment of the planet earth is to allow humans to have free will, to make their own choices, while simultaneously recognizing that each choice and decision has that ripple effect we spoke of yesterday, which influences the mass consciousness of the planet.

Ultimately, the experience of selflessness is about maintaining the balance, sitting at the fulcrum point, the middle way between self-interest and the interests of the greater good. When each individual is aligned with their spiritual self, they are one with the universal field, one with the creative source of all things, which is God. Coming from that framework and perspective, individuals are able to access the energy of the greater good more fully and completely. When groups of individuals choose to join with their spiritual self, truly align with their soul, and thereby align with God, the mass consciousness reflects that shift in perspective and the ripple effect extends throughout the world.

You truly have no realization or comprehension of how powerful each individual on this planet is, how much influence they have on the greater good. Every experience or fear that an individual has is magnified as it is conveyed to the mass consciousness. In contrast, every experience of love, peace, joy, and happiness has an even more profound impact on the mass consciousness.

It is almost like the most sophisticated multi-level marketing concept. Your vibrational energy (whether positive or negative) impacts the people you meet each day, which then impacts the people they meet each day, which then impacts the people they meet each day. So your energy has a grand impact or ripple effective regardless of whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

So just as the weather in some parts has four distinct seasons, fall, winter, spring, and summer, the history of the planet has seasons as well. The spring is the time of renewal, new experiences, new and more expanded growth opportunities. In the summer, you harvest the fruits of those new experiences. In the fall, the growth goes dormant, and everything goes inside to hunker down for the winter, only to emerge in the spring and start the cycle anew.

On your planet, these seasons have extended over many years, decades, or in some cases, even centuries have gone by within one season. For the past 50 years, the world has experienced tremendous change, new developments in technology, industrialization, and an explosion of people, objects, inventions, things. But destruction has followed.

Now there is an awakening on the planet, a recognition of what has transpired, an acknowledgment that the focus on the individual has led to consequences for the greater good. This new awakening, however, is filled with possibilities. Those of you on the planet in this timing, are prepared to address these challenges in a new and different way.

The season of the mechanistic or mechanical way of viewing the world is coming to an end.

You have been embracing the awareness that energy is not mechanical in nature. That creation is not mechanical. That creation comes from energy. Just as inventors were able to access the creative field to invent new machines that were more and more sophisticated and could even take a human into space, so too, those on the planet who are in tune to the shifting energies will recognize that the solutions to all challenges your planet faces are accessible through the unified filed, the creative source field. This ability to tap into the energetic, vibrational field is now being tapped by more and more individuals and groups and collectives on the planet.

This is the season for a shift in mass consciousness on a quantum level. Many of your scientists have been focusing on quantum physics and recognizing the nature of energy in this way. Even more individuals on the planet are recognizing the interplay between science and religion as the nature of energy is recognized as the universal source, the unified field, which some call God.

So this new season that you are embarking on as a planet will usher in a time of tremendous transformation. Every single individual on the planet will be contributing to this transformation based upon the energy they hold in their vibrational field. When mass consciousness reflects peace, joy, and love, the world will be transformed. If individuals on the planet, however, choose to remain in a vibrational field of fear, anger, and violence, the mass consciousness will reflect this transformation as well.

It is really all up to you, the collective “you”…. this is the moment in history when the free will that has been granted to human beings as the privilege of being in this experience of earth, can now truly impact the destiny of the planet. It has never been a more exciting time to be alive on this earth. You will be amazed at what is possible as more and more individuals around the world embrace their own power, their true nature, their energetic power which occurs when connected to their source. It is a magnificent opportunity to observe the choice that the human collective will make…..truly fascinating to observe.

We send much love to you as you embark on this new beginning. You, like others, have spent your lives so far, preparing for this very moment in history. It is a new season, a time of new ideas, new energy, new wisdom, new ways of producing miracles, new ways of producing anything and everything that you desire for the world. It is the ultimate test of free will.

We hope that you use it wisely.

With lots of love and excitement,


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