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Accessing personal power (part 1)....

In the lucid dream that you had with me, when I asked if you were ready to follow me, I didn’t mean to suggest that it was your time to die in the physical body. I was offering you the opportunity to join for a sneak peak of the world beyond the physical body. By introducing you to the light, love, peace, and joy of the other side while you are still in the physical body, you are being offered a true gift, the opportunity to live life to its fullest while you are still physically present on this earth plane.

So you have this incredible opportunity now to expand your consciousness, expand your horizons, see the bigger picture, see the larger order of everything, while still in physical form.

So many people believe that if they were close to death, they would change the way that they have been living and instead, do all of the things they ever wanted to do but didn’t believe that they had the time, energy, money, resources, or whatever barrier they were mentally constructing to limit themselves from the full experience of this physical plane.

You now have an amazing opportunity, a true gift. We are offering you the opportunity to see beyond the veil while still in the physical world. It is true that the first glimpse was to show you the FEELINGS that you want to live each day. You do not need to wait until death of the physical body to LIVE the feelings that are available to you after death. You can and should experience those feelings NOW.

Here is the problem for many of you… still expect your feelings to be a result of the external world around you, the external experiences that you are witnessing. You believe that your feelings are a result of, rather than the cause of, your external reality. Many of the great teachers on your planet are now coming to this same conclusion from many different perspectives, whether it is through a religious philosophy, a scientific viewpoint, liturgy research, liturgical knowledge, their own intuition, or connection to other energies and spirits… are noticing the consistency of messaging that is coming to you from many angles, or angels, no matter the source. The universality of the message is not a coincidence.

Many of your favorite teachers have been addressing these issues for some time…particularly over the past 5 or 10 years.

Message was Interrupted by a ringing phone, but no one was there. That is just a message that you are picking up on multiple frequencies now. Sometimes you allow yourself to hear the message, other times you are not receptive.

So here is our message for today: stop waiting for something to happen. Stop waiting for the universe to tell you what to do. You have always created many, many interesting experiences in your life. You have never waiting for anyone to tell you what to do or how to do it. You decided what you wanted and went after it. Yes, it is true that things did not always turn out as you had hoped. But each experience was designed perfectly to support you in the next phase of your growth. Trust me…every experience that you have had has been perfectly aligned to support you in evolving spiritually.

Now is no different. You have had many disappointments. You have tried to initiate new activities, but kept hitting a stumbling block….a wall, so to speak. The reason is that those experiences that you thought you were seeking were simply repeat experiences of the past…..but you didn’t need those experiences any longer. No new growth would have occurred if you had continued down some of those paths. In the process, you have learned to surrender, let go of control, and trust. That is all wonderful.

Now, though, is the time for re-envisioning your future. Time for you to re-engage with your excitement about life, your enthusiasm for living, your passion for being part of the world. You have always been a player, not a bystander; a leader, not a spectator in your life. Now is the time to re-energize that part of you again.

When we came to visit you in the lucid dream, with our invitation to see beyond the veil, we weren’t suggesting that it was time for your death, although you have had many experiences of “near miss” throughout your life, even from an early age. But we are here to suggest to you that you are just beginning a new life. You have indeed experienced a death of sorts….not just of family members, but of the old self....your old self. You have come to a place in your life when you have been shedding all of the aspects of your self that were created to support you in managing the areas of wounding.

Your adult life has been an opportunity to heal those old wounds…to come out from behind the armor or shell that you erected to protect yourself from that wounding. Now that armor or shell casing has been dissolving, through much effort on your part, and it is tremendously freeing, but also a bit terrifying. What do you do now that the walls and barriers that have protected you have been removed?

What do you do now that there are no barriers, no shields, no armor, no shell, no casing between you and the rest of the world? You have used these casings to shield you from your own fear. The biggest fear for you has been your fear of not being enough, doing enough, or having enough. Let us reassure you, dear loved one, you have always been enough, you have ALWAYS done more than enough, you have ALWAYS been worthy of receiving love, being loved. Not for what you have done, but for simply being who you are.

All of these barriers were erected to protect you from your own fear that you were not enough…..your core wounding in this life. Where, you ask, did this core wounding come from? There have been many factors. Certainly you brought some issues with you into this lifetime that you hoped to heal from the past experiences on this planet. Your soul desired growth in some key areas.

You also brought some patterns with you from your family constellation, your soul group had made some contractual agreements prior to coming to this lifetime together again. And when I say family constellation, that includes those individuals who played the role of boyfriend, lover, partner, or close friend to you as well. They are part of the family constellation as well. So when we say “family”, we are using it in the broadest sense of the world.

There are many, many individuals that you have encountered in your lifetime who are members of your ‘family” constellation. The roles that you have agreed to play for each other in this lifetime were predetermined prior to your birth. In other incarnations, you have played different roles for each other. As you know, through many of your own personal experiences, you have remembered some of the previous times that you have had with others in the constellation.

You have remembered some of the karmic experiences that you have chosen to heal for each other. Of course, “heal” does not mean that you have had “happily ever after” conclusions with them. Each player has had free will in this lifetime to choose to resolve and heal any agreements made from past experiences or to choose not to resolve those. It has been entirely up to each individual to decide how to play their role in this lifetime. Many people, including your previous bosses, have been players with you in the past.

For you, the challenge has been in releasing your own judgment of their inability to live life according to your values, your decisions. Many times, your judgment of others has stemmed from your desire to help other people, to serve the greater community of people, or to make a positive difference for other people. Your judgment rises up when you are disappointed that they don’t value serving other people as much as you believe they should.

However, your own judgment of those individuals’ choices has kept you in a karmic loop that you have struggled to escape from for yourself. Unconditional love is the ultimate joy and “job” to be experienced on this planet. For you to be able to accept other individuals for their own journey, their own path, and to be unconditionally loving regardless of whether you like their choices or agree with their choices has been the key learning for you in this lifetime.

Now here is where it gets interesting…..personal power means to have power over oneself, control over one’s reactions…control over one’s thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviors. Of course, you have taught this principle for many years….but as you have said…it is easier to talk the talk than walk the walk.

Personal power is the desired outcome. Not power over other people, which is the implied definition of this word in your culture. But power over oneself. So the work that you have done and continue to do with others is based on the idea that each person has the ability to choose to respond to every situation that is presented in their life from a place of personal power. Their opportunity to choose how they want to respond to the situation that they are in. One of your favorite quotes….”no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Very true.

So to support individuals in assuming their personal power, you help them reconnect to their own source, knowing that the source is within themselves. They can choose to feel empowered, choose to feel alive, peaceful, joyful, happy….choose to feel whatever emotion they want, regardless of what is happening outside of them.

For you, in your work with individuals in organizations, or in transition in their work between organizations, you ARE the one who helps people recognize, assume, and experience their personal power.... knowing that that power comes from the source within them. It is their birthright. It is within them no matter what is happening outside of them.

Till the next time,

Love, Dad

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