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This is such an incredible topic to choose. Surrender is one aspect of the physical realm that is often difficult for many of you who appreciate the illusion of control. Your concern is that you feel that surrender requires a “giving up,” relinquishing your conscious choice and control. But, in truth, surrender is not about giving up, it is about releasing any expectations of the outcome that you hope to achieve in any given situation.

It is about allowing, rather than controlling, expanding rather than contracting. When you surrender, you open yourself, you become receptive, you receive. So surrender does not result in loss. Surrender results in GAIN. When you surrender, you receive all that is available to you, which has been restricted by your belief that you are in control.

By attempting to maintain a state of control in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body, you are closing yourself off from the flow of wealth, abundance, creativity, joy, peace, and harmony that is available to you. When you surrender, you relax that illusion of control and expand your energy field to allow, receive, and are open to love, light, wealth, prosperity,….all of the goodness of the earthly plane.

So why do you have such difficulty with this concept and idea? Your culture has ingrained this misinterpretation, misrepresentation, misinformation for many, many years, convincing one another that being in control is more beneficial. You convince yourselves that you are separate, an individual, not connected to the unified field, not connected to each other. Through separation, you cut yourself off from the energy field of infinite wisdom, infinite peace, joy, happiness, wealth, abundance, creativity, and all things that are wonderful on your planet.

So you have gotten caught up in an illusion. Your belief that “being in control” will give you many rewards to reap has been a falsity that has resulted in much heartache and struggle for many on your planet. So, think in terms of surrender being beneficial, a positive way to align your vibrational energy with the source energy, allowing God, the universal field, to infuse every cell of your body, every space in your cells, every emotion in your heart, every thought in your mind. Infuse every aspect of your self with the idea that to surrender is to receive. To surrender is to be in the flow. To surrender is to be your spiritual self, your spiritual being. By surrendering, you are free, you are open, you are receptive, you are holy, you are healed.

Allow yourself to truly feel the freedom that results when you allow yourself to simply “BE” who you really are, a spiritual being having a playful experience in the physical world. You can not control the physical world in which you live. But you can experience the physical world in a new and expansive way, reaping the benefits of being aligned with source. To do so is so much simpler than you like to believe.

It simply requires you to surrender, relinquish the illusion of control, put down your sword (for those of you who have enjoyed playing with the battle games), and simply ALLOW.

Surrender, let go of control, and trust that all is well, all is taken care of, all is available to you. Everything you have ever desired is waiting for you. You just need to allow yourself to be in the energy of peace, joy, and love. Those emotions can open the flood gates for all.

So, surrender is not about giving up, it is about gaining everything. When you open yourself without any sense of the outcome, but simply standing in the energy of acceptance, allowing, receiving…..the floodgates will open. You will receive all that is available to you… really is as simple as that.

Surrender, let go of the illusion of control, trust, and allow all good things to come to you.

Be the peace, be the joy, be the love.

Much love to you.



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