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Spring....creating new possibilities in every moment!

Spring provides a reminder that we are creating in every moment of every day. Our lives are full of possibilities!

For today, let’s talk about spring. What does it mean to feel the spring ripeness, the new awakenings, the new beginnings? Everything is stirring, awakening, the energy is full of possibility.

You are the greatest source of potentiality, possibility. Each of you on the planet are potential, are possibility. You are energy, you are vibrational frequencies…..full of possibility. The energy of possibility. You are all creators. The creative energy, the creative life force flows within you, lives within you, exists in every cell of the body. You are building new ideas, creations, possibilities, potentialities every moment of every day.

For those of you who are awake, who are aware, you may be more conscious of this process that is happening, invisibly within you at all times. For others, there may not be any awareness. But that is okay too. It doesn’t matter whether you are aware of it or not, you are creating every moment of every day.

The field of possibility is so expansive, so grand, so magnificent….you have only a glimpse of it while still in human form. But when your soul leaves your body, or your consciousness leaves your body, if that is more comfortable language for you, you will be overwhelmed by the magnificence of the infinite possibilities available to you.

If only you were able to allow yourselves to experience that limitlessness, that freedom, that creative expression to its fullest while still in human form. You experience it in the moments when you feel that you are "in the zone," when you are so focused on creating something, or so focused on experiencing love in the moment with another person, a family member, a friend, or the love you experience for all of humanity… is in these moments that you are catching that little glimpse of the field of possibility. It is in these moments that you are catching a glimpse of your true nature, your true self, your true connection to source, to the divinity within you, to God within you.

When you are aligned with your source energy, you feel alive, energized, powerful, creative, expansive, in love with life. When you allow yourselves to surrender to this experience, you begin to feel the oneness of all. You are one with God, the universe, all of creation, the animals, the trees, all living beings/creations.

When you are vibrating at the frequency of love, you tap into the creative field. You can begin to see the world through a more expansive lens, a filter of love, truth, and abundance. When you experience the world through this lens, the same lens through which God sees the world, you recognize the significance of this experience called life on your planet. You recognize that you are one with the true nature of the universe.

Being "in the zone" is the moment that you glimpse what is on the other side of the doorway that I showed you when I visited you, Susan, in the third lucid dream. Stepping into the light is the same type of experience as being "in the zone," only magnified a thousand or infinitely more times.

When I showed you to the door to the other side, my dear daughter, I wanted to give you a glimpse of what is on the other side. You did not hesitate because you are an explorer, you were ready to know the truth.

John’s experience of transitioning was an amazing one. He had much time to contemplate it in advance, and was filled with trepidation. The first thing he experienced was a feeling of peace, yet combined with a heightened sense of awareness, energy.

The door symbolizes the gateway, the portal, to the expansive presence of God, the universal creative energy of all that is.

Back to our analogy of spring….

So spring is a time of renewal, a reminder that there is no beginning, middle, or end to your experience. You can be reborn at any moment, it is at your discretion, it is under your control. Do not feel that your past defines who you are. Do not feel that your past determines your future. You can let go of the “story “ of your past at any moment. In an instance, you can create a new beginning, a new life, a new experience, a new reality. All things, everything is possible in every moment.

You have a false belief that your identity is the culmination or consolidation of everything that you have experienced in your life to this point. That your past experiences define who you are. But this is a falsity. The cells of your body are reinventing themselves continuously. Your body is never still. It never stops moving energy through. Your body changes continuously, the flow of energy is never ending.

This renewal of the physical form illustrates the concept and provides the opportunity to recognize that you can change your physical form, your emotional body, your mental thought forms, and your spiritual or spirit body at any moment, at any time. It is truly a choice. You can choose to begin anew NOW in this very moment.

You have everything that you need within you. You can consciously choose to change your mind, your heart, your body, your spirit in this very moment, in the NOW. That is why so many of your popular teachers suggest that living in the NOW is the most important learning to embrace. It is true. All potential exists in this very moment.

So what do you want to create in your life? Start living it in this very moment. NOW. There is no future, there is no past, there is only the NOW.

Just as your physical body is in constant motion, constant rejuvenation, constant rebirth, so too, you have the opportunity to be reborn into a life of peace, joy, happiness. It is your choice.

Lighten up and have fun with it. It really does not have to be so serious. You can change your mind at any moment, so no decision is wrong, inaccurate, or incorrect. Every decision you make, every path you take, every choice you select, is valuable as it gives you more opportunities to choose. Again.

This life on the planet earth is designed to provide you with any and every experience that you want to have, that you want to take, so that you become a fully rounded spiritual being. Experience is the name of the game.

John, in his lifetime, struggled with this concept as he was raised to believe that it was important to stay safe, to protect yourself, to be afraid of what might happen that might be bad....ultimately to live in fear, rather than hope.

So let me share the wisdom that he gained through his transition: be present for every moment of your life. Choose to be happy. Choose to be joyful. Choose to see and focus on the wonderful magnificence of this grand experience. When you have lived every single moment to its fullest, you are truly FREE. The length of time that you are alive on this planet is irrelevant. What is important are the experiences that you have.

Some choose to only spend a short period of time here, but may rack up an extensive array of experiences. Others may only be here a short time, but may rack up a few, but extremely profound experiences. Still others can pop in for a short time to provide deep experiences for others they encounter in their short life. Still others live for many, many years, but do not take advantage of the opportunities offered to explore this experience to its fullest. And then, there are those like you, my dear Susan, who have chosen the “E” ticket ride in the amusement park of life. You have taken advantage of as much experience as possible. You are determined to maximize your opportunities to explore all aspects of this life experience.

So, no matter which choice a person makes, all are equally beneficial. Have no regrets….for all is perfect. All is in order. All is according to your own plan.

With love,



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