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Rising above your life circumstances...

Today’s topic is rising above your life situations and life circumstances. We would like to share with you our perspective on the experiences of the physical world, the gifts that are inherent in the experience of living on the planet at this time in history.

All of you who are living during this time period on earth, are facing such interesting opportunities to truly live your fullest potential…notice the language. Potential….all possibilities exist in this present moment for each of you. Your true potential will be revealed to you when you open to the realization that you are already whole, you are already one with creation.

Many of you believe that you are an individual, separate from everyone else, that your experience is unique to you, and only you. However, all experiences, all possibilities, all potentialities exist in the universal energy, which is accessible to all. It is simply a matter of allowing yourself to firstly…… believe that it is possible, and secondly….to recognize that you are not in control of your life circumstances. Allow yourself to surrender to the universal energy that is flowing within you at all times, and tune yourself to the vibrational frequency of your true nature, your true source, the energy of creation, the energy of oneness, the energy of light and love, joy and happiness, peace and tranquility.

Your young ones come into this physical realm knowing that this is true. However, their environment, and the people in that environment, convince them otherwise. They condition them out of their own knowingness, their own connection to source. The birthing process introduces the entering soul to the idea of the physical planet’s relationship to duality, dichotomy, and polarity. When growing in the womb, the intellect or mind of the physical body is bathed in warmth, darkness, connected to the creative source, linked through the mother. The intellect/mind plays in that warmth until entry through the birth canal, a process that for some infants, provides the first experience of connecting the soul to the physical body.

The initial entry into the physical realm is often filled with bright lights, cold temperatures, loud noises, harsh conditions. So the physical body goes from feeling warmth, darkness, peace, and stillness, to lights, brightness, loud noises, cold, chemicals being applied…..a rather rude awakening, wouldn’t you agree?

From that point on, the intellect/mind connection to source, starts to fade as the child is introduced to the need to be dependent upon its mother, father, or family for all of its survival needs. To go from infinite power to strong feelings of powerlessness, imprints a new awareness for the intellect/mind. Over time, the intellect/mind forgets how powerful it truly is when it is connected to source.

So life in your physical body is a long-term process of continually searching to reconnect with the source energy that you experienced prior to birth. You KNOW that you are powerful in the truest sense of the word. You KNOW that you are a powerful creator of everything that you are experiencing. But your disconnection from the source energy provides the opportunity to play with limitation and restriction, the main learning for those of you playing in this playground.

Many of you feel disconnected, separate, always searching for something to make you feel connected, whole, safe, and secure. That search can bring you back to the source within you, if you allow it. That is the only real purpose for life on planet earth. To take your expansive, spiritual self, full of unlimited knowledge, creative power, and knowingness, and enter the physical form (squeezing your expansiveness into a tight container), so that you can pretend that you are not powerful, brilliant, creative. Your life then becomes a long series of attempts to find your way back home. Home, in this context, is not a physical place. Home is the place of knowingness within yourself, the place of connection with source, the place of trust, safety, security, the place of unconditional love, unconditional peace, unconditional joy. We say unconditional because we mean that these feelings of peace, joy, and love exist within you whenever you are connected to source or God, regardless of the external conditions or situations in your life.

That is the key……the external circumstances appearing in your life are not the cause of your emotional reactions in your body. You believe that they are the cause, but truly the cause of all pain and suffering on your planet, is the fact that you are disconnected from your source, from God. Finding the love within, the peace within, offers you the opportunity to never feel alone, to never feel fear. It offers the opportunity to trust that you are one with the universe, that you are one with God, that you are one with the peace, joy, and happiness that resides within you, exists within you, is ever present within you.

When you tap into this vast deep reservoir, you will know that you are one with the divinity, the God within, the Christ within. This is the meaning of the Christ consciousness. Tapping into the consciousness within you that is overwhelming… overflowing with love is the Christ consciousness within you. That was the core of Jesus’s teaching. God, the father, resides within each of you. It is the ever present love that is always available to you.

So go in peace today, my lovely daughter. Notice the beauty within yourself and the beauty that is ever changing in your external world. Be one with both, the inner and outer world, as both make up the whole of your life’s experience. When you can stay in harmony within, your eternal world will begin to reflect that beauty as well. And when you can appreciate the external beauty surrounding you, you will enhance your ability to feel the harmony and oneness within you as well. Be one with ALL. That is your true nature as a spiritual being temporarily playing in this physical world.

Much love to you, my daughter!



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