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Rejoice in the Rebirth

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

We come to you in peace and love. Our message to you today is one of hope. Although the world around you seems to be in tremendous turmoil and disruption, you are actually experiencing a calming of the external frenetic energy, as you move toward slowing the pace of your life. Instead of focusing on the external world, you are being called to quiet the mind, the heart, and the soul. As you begin to quiet your life, you will heal the parts of yourself that have also been in turmoil and chaos and, perhaps, even conflict.

This time of transformation, although initially viewed as chaotic and dramatic, will ultimately prove to be cathartic. You are being called to go inward, reflect, slow your breathing, calm your racing pulse and frenetic preoccupation with external things, and find the peace that resides within.

When the noise of the external world begins to quiet, you can hear the earth breathe a sigh of relief. A collective chorus of birds singing, leaves rustling, critters scampering, the wind gently flowing through the trees. The earth comes alive again.

Rejoice in the rebirth that you are experiencing. The rebirth of your oneness with spirit, your connection with source. When you quiet the mind, you can hear the whisper of spirit. Listen, breathe, slow your body, mind, and spirit. Breathe in the air of oneness. Breathe in the breath of a new beginning, for this is most definitely a new beginning.

Many of you fear the possibilities of death of the physical body. There is much fear of this resonating throughout the land. While we do not take this lightly, we do not place the burden of fear on this concern. For you are all spirit. You are all energy. You are all light beings here on the planet at this time to transform the energy of the planet.

Have no fear. Take this time to go within and connect with the love that is in your heart. Connect with your loving relationships with family and friends. Connect with the love of neighbors, far and wide. Connect with all of humanity, for you are all one. One being, one world, one vast energy field of love.

When one of you hurts, the pain is felt throughout the world. When one of you experiences love, that love is felt worldwide as well. The most important message of this moment in time is the realization that you are all one. One people, one village, one tribe, one nation, one community, one humanity. By coming together as one, you have the ability to literally change the world, heal the world, and save yourself and mankind. By connecting to spirit, the universal creator of all that is, you can create a new future for yourselves and others. Now is the time.

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