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Notice the Beauty

There is so much beauty in your world. Stop and notice it. So often you walk by, busily caught up in the activities of your day and forget to notice the beauty that is all around you. Now is the time to make a conscious effort to focus on the beauty in your life.

It is in your environment, your children, your families, your friends, and your work colleagues. But most importantly, it is in YOU. It IS you…..for you are part of the beauty of the planet earth. Every cell of your body is a beautiful miracle of creation. Every thought from your mind, emotion from your heart, and activity that you undertake with your physical body are miraculous works of art.

When you stop to recognize and acknowledge the beauty that IS you, that is WITHIN you, that is ALL AROUND you, you elevate your consciousness to a higher level. You begin to see the beauty in everyone and everything in this world….for it is all a miraculous manifestation of creative expression, of the Divine in all things.

See yourself as a beautiful creature, whole and complete in body, mind, and Spirit. This simple daily practice will change your life.

Divine Inspiration Message

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Aug 22, 2020

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