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Being Superhuman

Today’s message is to choose peace. When faced with fear, the best and easiest option is to choose peace. In every moment, choose peace. For that is what will be most helpful to you and to those around you at this time.

The fear around you is prevalent now. It is seeping into every crack and crevice of your psyche as you are facing the most unimaginable challenge, one that you have never had to face in this lifetime. But you are ready for this challenge. You are ready to rise up to assume your power, for each of you are far more powerful than you could ever imagine. But that power does not come from your intellect alone. Your mind provides you with much brilliance and talent and skill, all of which are necessary at this most important time. But what will be the most significant factor will be your ability to join your intellect, skills, talents, education, experience, and expertise, with your inner knowingness, your inner wisdom, your intuition, your heart, and your connection to the spirit within.

When you are able to listen to the divine inspiration that can come in a moment….a flash of insight, a keen knowingness to take action on an appropriate course, that is when you will assume your true power. That is when you will embody the body, mind, and spirit connection. That is when mere mortals can do extraordinary, supernatural things. For the human capacity is limited without the connection to the source energy of the planet, the universal energy of light and love.

When you can use all of your gifs, all of your talents, all of your abilities, aligning your body, mind, and spirit, amazing miracles occur. For it is your connection to spirit, or some would say, god, that brings you true strength, power, and wisdom.

Go within, listen for the insights, listen for the wisdom, listen for the inspiration. Then take appropriate action. Take fierce action. Rise up in power as you begin to live your true authentic self, a complete, loving, fully realized human, aligned with your soul, your spiritual self that resides in the light and love of the spirit. That is when men and women will display superhuman powers, for aligning body, mind, and spirit is what creates super humans.

Today, be superhuman by quieting the mind, listening for divine inspiration, and then taking action on that wisdom to spread the love and joy that you have in your heart. In so doing, you will bring healing to others and to your world.

Divine Inspiration At Work

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