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Personal and Planetary Transformation

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

There is much change and transformation happening now on your planet earth. The earth has been experiencing much disruption, as observed with changes in the climate, earthquakes in unexpected areas, more extreme weather patterns, devastating fires, and other incidents that are causing disruption to the earth, and to all of you who inhabit it at this period in time. These changes are causing a shift, an opportunity to trigger a new level of consciousness on the planet.

Each of you is facing the same type of inner transformation, which will result from a shift in your own internal processes and vibrational level. This is a massive opportunity for a reawakening on the planet, as each individual strives to seek a new level of awareness, understanding, compassion, and caring within themselves.

Now some individuals, on the planet at this time, may have difficulty making this shift in their own understanding and may use this as an opportunity to dig dig deeper into their own feelings of fear, alienation, and darkness. It is up to each individual to make their own choice, as you have all been granted the supreme gift of free will, which is the key ingredient of life in this physical form. So you have all been given this opportunity to use your free will in a way that supports your soul’s growth in this lifetime. Or you can choose to use your free will to take up the sword and recreate yet another warrior experience for yourself.

In this time of awakening, all humans have the choice. What do you choose? Love, peace, and compassion for all humankind? Or….do you choose fear, pain, anger, and continued suffering? Know that there are many energies here to support you in making the first choice. There are also many humans who are holding the energy of peace, love, and compassion for the world now. So you are joined by those in the physical form and by those of us who are non-physical in this time.

Surround yourself with those who are choosing to stay in the love and holding the light in the darkness. Make your own choice to be the peace, be the calm in the eye of the storm, regardless of what you see reflected in your external world. For by holding yourself energetically in peace and love, you hold that energy for the planet as well. All will be healed through this work.

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