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Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018...

Easter Sunday….. a remarkable event in the history of this planet. Yes, Jesus demonstrated that the spirit and the soul continue on. That the body is simply the container for the spirit during a specific lifetime. The physical body is the chalice, the container for the spirit, represented by the liquid containing the energy of the universe, of God, of oneness.

Your faiths on earth have argued over this concept for many, many years....even centuries. The Christians believe that the Jesus story is only for them, that they are chosen, they are special. But other faiths have recognized the impermanence of the physical body as well….the ability of the soul to transition from one energy plane to another, transfigure from one physical image to another, from one experience to another. Many faiths recognize the ability of the spirit to reincarnate, to re-emerge from one life form to another. Yes we say life form because the physical plane on earth is not the only type of energy form that your soul or your spirit can assume.

There are many options for souls to use to explore their own evolution, their own transformation. Many of you believe that there is only one right way, one right philosophy, one right religion. But the opposite is the truth. There are no limits or restrictions or boundaries on where spiritual knowingness, spiritual knowledge ends and begins. There are no barriers.

Your religions tend to create a boundary around their beliefs. Their tenets have a rigid structure. There is a boundary between one religion’s beliefs and another religion’s beliefs. Each religion puts it’s information in a box. Stay inside the box and you will be saved. Expand your awareness outside the box, however, and you will die, sin, be evil. This is the challenge for organized religions on your planet at this time. This ‘box” creates separation among you, among groups of individuals, among cultures, among countries. The truth is that there is a universal nature to the spirit.

The vibrational energy of God, of the universe, of source, of infinite mind, of the divinity is available to EVERYONE. Everyone can freely experience the love, peace, and joy of God…. it is everywhere. It surrounds you, it is in you, it is always with you. It is your separation from that source, from God, from the divine creator of all things, which causes all of the turmoil and strife on your planet.

Your separation from each other is a concern… but your separation firstly from yourself is the most critical concern. If you are not one with God within you ,your own source energy, the divine creator that exists in every cell of your being, just as it exists in every flower, every tree, every water molecule in the vast oceans, every creature, everything that you can see, touch, feel, taste, and experience……all of it is infused with the source energy, the God within. It is only your belief that you are separate, disconnected from the creative energy, disconnected from other people, that creates all struggle, fear, conflict, discontent, anger, and evil on your planet.

Some religions speak of satan as if he is a person, a form, a being. In truth, satan or evil is the energy that is created when an individual or group of individuals are so separate from their connection to God and source energy that they can no longer find their way, their true humanity, their true connection to love and peace.

When faced with the choice to connect energetically with God, to find your strong bond with this divine creator energy, that is the meaning of the scriptures when they say that God is within. The creator is within you. You are the son/child of God, as was Jesus. Jesus is a higher vibrational energy who chose to take on human form in order to show you the way… all humans on planet earth the way home. He assumed human form to be a role model for you, to demonstrate that you have the power, yes everyone….all people have the power to do miracles, to walk on water, to create food and wine from literally nothing….virtually out of thin air….to heal each other. All of this is possible when you are aligned with your true source energy, aligned with your true power, aligned with the spirit within you, the spirit or soul that connects you to your true source of everything.

This is the spirit or soul within you that leaves the physical body upon death of the physical body. This consciousness is who you really are. It is interesting that Jesus’s message was simply that you are the same as he. He is God made man. Just as you are God made man. He was an enlightened soul, one vibrating at a higher frequency than many of you on this planet at this time. It was evident to people immediately when he was young, that he was “different," because he carried an energy that was different, more centered, peaceful, grounded, while also radiating love, peace, joy. His messages have been used to alienate people from each other, to create the feeling of entitlement for some, but not others. To create separation. This was never his intent, never his message.

He was merely saying to you: Follow me……do what I do….and you will be saved as well. You will connect with God, the source, and you will be free from your perceptions of limitation and restriction. You will know that you are love, that God , the creator of the universe, is within, and always with you, that you are free, you are whole. You have everything that you need within you. When you align with the God within, recognizing that Jesus embodied that God within and walked with it emanating from him, he was the ultimate role model for humans.

So on this Easter Sunday, it is a time to remember that his true message was to love thy neighbor as thyself. Seek the God within, rather than adore false idols, seek the kingdom of heaven within, and you will be saved, i.e., free. Free from the shackles and bonds that you impose on yourself. Free from the shackles and bonds that you impose on each other. Live in peace, live in love, live in joy. That is the purpose of your life on this earth. To recognize who you really are. To recognize that you are God, you are one with the universe, you are loved, you are beloved by God. You are all sons and daughters of God temporarily living in a physical body.

It is simply your separation from this alignment with God, with the source of the creative power of the universe, that causes all of our pain, suffering, struggle, and conflict.

So on this Easter Sunday, know that you are spirit temporarily living in physical form, that your body is the temple of the spirit, that you are one with God, that Jesus is always available to you as the way shower to guide you back to your true knowing. By following his example, you, too, can find your power, which is vast within you through your alignment with God, and the peace that comes from knowing that you are free, everything is available to you.

In my faith, during my life as John, I was strongly committed to the religion of Catholicism. This religion was comforting to John because it provided clearly defined rules, regulations, and structure around the concepts of good and evil, right and wrong, good and bad, darkness and light. Unfortunately many of those rules were “man-made,” rather than “God-given.” This has been demonstrated over and over as the rules have changed over time. This religion, at its core, still retains the core teachings that Jesus provided for us, but it wrapped those teachings in rules that infused more fear than love. This was to provide more power and control to some of the men who influenced what was included in the bible and what was excluded from it many, many years ago.

There is no one right religion. If you choose to participate in a specific religion, it is important to discern for yourself…..what information helps you to feel personally powerful, peaceful, loving. Know that the power of God is within you, not outside of you. It will not come from other people. So any information that causes you to feel that you are not powerful, be cautious. When you are aligned with the energy of God, you will know that you are one with him. That is the important message that Jesus gave to you. Love God, love yourself, love your neighbor and you will be healed. You will be saved from the tyranny of yourself. You will be saved from the darkness within yourself.

So be joyful this day as you are reminded that your soul is one with God and you will be released from your body at the time of your physical death. But the release will be joyous. So have no fear. Rejoice, for it is so.

With much love,



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