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Creating wealth and abundance....

Question: What advice do you have about generating wealth and abundance?

Answer: Well, this is the question of the day, month, year, or even a lifetime in your world, right? Your culture is so wrapped up in “earning a living," based on the assumption that money and abundance come from outside yourself.

As you have been learning, and as you know, abundance is within you, it is within every cell of the human body….each cell carries the creative life force of the universe. Each cell carries the creative intelligence of the universe. All of creation resides within the cells of your body. Therefore, God is within you……God, the creative force and source of all that is, lives within each of the cells in your body.

So your culture has gotten this concept all askew. It is just within the last century, 70 years of so, that the concept of going to work to “earn a living” became popular and the “norm” of your existence. Prior to that, goods and services were exchanged through a bartering approach. You are unlocking this concept within yourself as you have struggled with the belief that money and abundance came from “out there," outside yourself, from DOING, DOING, DOING….you believed you had to do more than enough to make enough.

So you are now experiencing what it feels like to live with the feeling of “enough” within your body and within your self. Yet, there is still some trepidation, some lack of trust, that this really is true. That you really can be the source of all that you need, the God within you can provide everything that you need.

If only you could see your own magnificence, your own creative ability, your own ability to access the source within, the creative power within. It is truly spectacular. Yet, you still doubt that this could possibly be true.

God can provide money to you from an infinite number of sources. You are still locked into the idea that the money will come from performing services for others. It doesn’t have to be that way, but that way is still easier for you to wrap your head around. So, be light about it.

Allow yourself to experience freedom in a new way. You are free, you have always been free. You are the generator of your wealth. You have always been the generator of your wealth. But you have also been the limiter of your wealth because you believe that it has come from a direct correlation between your efforts and the return. The truth is that the God within you has always been the creator, the generator of your wealth. It is your consciousness that has limited the flow of wealth to you. It can come to you easily and effortlessly. It REALLY can. You just need to continue to shift your perspective on it.

So to answer your question… are unlocking the connection between having to do more than enough…. to earn not enough. You are feeling fulfilled, with an abundance of time, money, wealth, space, opportunity, and freedom in your life now. That is the key. Know that you are free, you are abundant, you are wealthy, you have everything that you need. It is available to you in every moment of every day. Simply look around, notice the abundance that surrounds you. The more that you acknowledge what is already in place in your life, the more that will be provided.

Everything that you have ever dreamed or desired is already waiting for you. You simply need to stay in the vibration and energy of peace, love, joy, and happiness and you will be able to experience the abundance and wealth of opportunity, wealth of adventure, financial freedom and stability….it is all waiting for you. Simply allow it to appear.

Till the next time,



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