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The First Message about the Afterlife...

I am very excited to be able to do this with you. I thank you for your willingness to invite me in. I have been overwhelmed by the magnitude of brilliance that I have experienced since leaving my physical body on the earth plane.

Are you ready? I am so excited to share with you what I have seen, felt, and learned since my transition took place. It has been a marvelous opportunity to grow in an expansive way. I am excited to share this with you and with others who might be interested in learning more about what happens after the death of the physical body. Many have such fear and trepidation. But this is not necessary. In fact, the process is much easier if you can release the fear. Surrender, let go of control, and trust.

When a soul is in the physical body, the illusion of control is very strong, the fear of letting go of control is also equally as strong. So the process of releasing the soul, which is eternal, from the physical body, is more challenging for some because of the beliefs that they held in their conscious mind prior to death. That is why it is sometimes easier for those who die suddenly. They don’t have as much time to react to the process. They are more like “thrust” out of their body, almost like being shot through a cannon. Yes, odd analogy, I know, but truthful nonetheless. For those of us who chose to linger, hang around for a period of time thinking about it, contemplating it, pondering it, reflecting upon it, …overcoming the illusion of fear is key.

For our conversations, I will use “John”, as my term for my identity when I was in physical body. I have let go of this identify now. So I will speak in terms of “John” as the physical version of my “self” and “I” or “we” as the non-physical version of my self.

For “John”, who you know as “Dad”, the process was particularly challenging since John had many pre-conceived notions of the afterlife from his beliefs from his religious upbringing. He was conditioned to believe that life after death consisted of either heaven or hell. Although hell was described in rather terrifying detail, heaven was more nebulous. This is simply a reflection of the “duality” that you experience on the physical plane as you consider the extremes of every experience….either black and white, dark and light, right and wrong, good and bad, evil and angelic…..all of the extremes of duality that you use to form your beliefs, your philosophies, your rules, your religious regulations…..all focus on polar opposites.

Interestingly enough, the duality of the physical plane provides the opportunity for much learning, evolution, and growth for each soul. In truth, the soul is fully integrated, not male or female, not right or wrong, not black or white, not light or dark, not evil or angelic.

The physical self plays in the duality as a way to evolve spiritually and enhance the integration of the soul. The true self, the soul or higher self, is the integrated version of the self, the blended energy, the alignment with source…the source of all, the creator, the divine, the God. We hesitate to use the labels that comfort you in the physical arena. The labels you enjoy associating with everything provide a framework for your experiences. However, the labels are not necessary for the spiritually evolving sprit or soul, or true essence of your being.

Till the next time!

Love, Dad

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