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Testing the frequency...

Hello again my dear daughter. Yes, you are still a bit hesitant about this approach to connect with me. But let me assure you that it is I, John, your father in this physical lifetime, who is here with you today.

We would like to share with you our experiences of transitioning from the physical world to the ethereal world...a transition which was long in coming for us.

As you know, we had many experiences in the physical world that brought us closer and closer to the ethereal world during the past, most recent lifetime on planet earth. That was deliberate as John wanted to be able to test the process numerous times before actually leaving his physical body. These numerous opportunities to test the process brought much insight and awareness for him, which he used to gain more experience before finally departing. You asked him many times if he experienced the light or saw other people each time that he came close to transitioning. But his conscious control over his mind was too strong and he was unable to remember the experiences that he did have. But it is true that he visited the other side on several occasions prior to his final transition.

John wanted to share his experiences, but was too afraid that they weren’t “real”, that he had imagined them. Truly, he was experiencing other worldly events but couldn’t allow himself to acknowledge them to himself or others. We are happy to have this opportunity to begin to share those stories of his many experiences of the afterlife while still in his physical body and after he transitioned out of his physical body.

Thank you for being open to allowing us to use you as the transmitter of these experiences and stories. Your willingness to be the transmitter is very lovely, or you would say, very cool, and much appreciated by John. The two of you were connected in a way that is beyond your physical comprehension, while he was in physical form in this lifetime. You had a contract coming into this lifetime to be a mirror for each other. You were very inspiring for John.

There are many stories that we want to tell through you. You are the transmitter, we are seeing you as the tower, the beacon, picking up our signal. Similar to the movie “Frequency,” with one of your favorite actors, Dennis Quaid, the father speaks through the old ham radio to communicate with his son….yes, very cool analogy about a story that you resonated with without realizing that it would open you to this possibility of being able to communicate with us in this way.

Your brother, Bill, is and was open to communicating with you in this way as well, but you were not ready….did not yet believe it was possible. Now you are receptive, open, and willing. So, we are excited to be able to meet with you in this realm, in this line of frequency.

Bill is happy to be able to have this reunion with you as well. He has joined us today to let you know that he is here for you too and has much to share as well. He is so happy to see you again. Or be with you again.

You have been the conveyor of messages for both John’s life and Bill's life, so it is natural that you will be the conveyor for their messages and stories now. You have such a deep love for both of them and such a strong connection to them both in the physical world and now in the ethereal world as well.

Many of the experiences that you have confronted in your physical experience or life have forced you to ask for and accept help from others so that you would learn to surrender to this process, to surrender to your true nature as a spiritual being, fully connected to the source, to God, and to the spirit guides and angels that are and have always been here for you. You have had a spiritual connection from the moment of your birth. It is who you really are. You made a commitment when coming into this lifetime to remember….to remember who you really are, as all people are….a truly spiritual being temporarily living in the physical body. You have been more connected to spirit than many on your physical plane at this time

You were easily distracted, though by the duality, the challenges of the physical world.

It was easy for you to lose that connection to source, to rely on your intellect and assume that you were alone, that you were not supported by others, both here in the physical realm and from the spiritual realm as well.

You have not been connected to a true “soul mate” yet because it was important for you to experience aloneness in order to realize that you are not truly alone……you have always been surrounding by helpers, guides, and have been connected to source. As you have surrendered and let go of your attachment to objects, your home, your work, and the overwhelming illusion of responsibility for others, you have become more free, more open, more receptive, to allowing us to assist you, to guide you, so that you begin to trust that the God, the universe, the source, and your guides, including us, are always available to you and that everything is in perfect order.

This is your brother, Bill, communicating with you now……we loved the music while in this most recent physical incarnation. The music connected us to the feeling of freedom that is inherent in the connection to source. You found that connection, often through your work with others. But the connection does not come from outside of you. It comes from going within, in a truly receptive state, and allowing, just simply being….without any expectation for a specific manifestation of an outcome or specific picture or form of the end results.

We think that is funny that you can no longer play our music in your car… the CD music skips….an analogy of the fact that the frequency has changed for us and is no longer readable in your current energy field. If you want to hear us now, you must tune into our new frequency. We can sing with you now from our new frequency. It is a much lighter, higher vibration. It is light, it is lovely, it is beautiful, it is uplifting…..not sad, not grief-stricken, but joyful, free…..

You and I, dear Susan, have been connected for many lifetimes….we came to our family constellation to dance in the duality, to dance in the sea of opposites, to mirror for each other the resolution of differences, to find the love in those differences, to love unconditionally each other, and other people, in general, so that we could heal those differences within ourselves…..heal the duality within ourselves. So that we could be free. So we agreed to experience the illusion of limitation and restriction even though none of us was truly limited or restricted.

We had much freedom in our lives, freedom of choice, freedom of experience, freedom of material stress, freedom to love anyone that we choose to love, even when those we choose to love seemed to contribute to the illusion of restriction. We choose to join this dance, to pretend that we were not powerful, to pretend that we were not connected to source, to build walls of struggle and fear that were just simply illusions or delusions…to pretend that we did not know the truth of our true nature.

Bill’s choice to leave the planet earlier at age 50 was pre-destined. He knew that he had experienced all that was necessary for him to return home, having evolved beyond his wildest imagination. He chose perfectly. All of his experiences were designed to help him to break through the shackles of the illusion of restriction. His marriage, his children, his work, his health, his death experience….all custom-designed to help break through the veil of restriction. All designed to help him to surrender to the knowingness that he was loved, cherished, appreciated, not just by his family and friends, but more importantly by God, the universe, the source of all that is.

When he merged back with source at the moment of his body’s physical death, he instantly remembered! He instantly remembered that he was free. John, your father, experienced the same thing…..instant recognition of the freedom that was always available to him. The illusion, the veil, dropped away and all was revealed to him.

Love, Dad and Bill

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