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A visit to the cemetery....

Well, hello, my dear daughter.

Would you like to talk about your experiences at the cemetery the other day?

It is true that you could not easily feel our presence there, although we are with you anytime that you ask.

We deliberately didn’t exchange our energy with you on that day, because we wanted to reinforce that our presence is not located at a physical cemetery with a headstone. The cemetery concept is a lovely way to pay tribute to those whom you love that have transitioned from the physical plane. However, the spirit of the individual does not reside in that location. You are able to connect with the spirit of your loved ones at any time and any place. It is simply easier for some people to connect with their loved ones when they are physically standing (or sitting) at the site of the memorial tribute to that individual.

The tribute that you created for our family members is quite lovely. It marks our time on the earth during this incarnation. A lovely tribute to the impact that they had on those they loved. But they are not physically there. They are everywhere, available to you and the rest of your loved ones. So, you can connect with us whenever and wherever you like. Simply ask and we shall appear or answer.

Did you enjoy our synchronicity recently, when you saw a video clip with an “expert” who suggested that the consciousness of a person in the process of physical death goes in and out, between the veil of this reality and the next dimension? That was direct confirmation of what we had discussed with you a few days before, which was an idea that you had not considered in the past. So, we thought it would be fun to give you a validation that you are on the right track and that we are, indeed, here for you and ready to share our story.

I am happy to be part of this experience with you. It is truly my pleasure (as I said to you when we last spoke in the physical world). It has always been my pleasure to have had the opportunity to be with you in this most recent lifetime. I very much enjoyed watching you approach the world from such a different perspective than my own during my time as John. You always needed a three-ring circus and for that I admired you immensely.

Till the next time…..

Love you, Dad

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