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Surrender, let go of control, and trust....

Surrender, let go of control and trust…the key themes of our work together and your experiences in the past 1.5 years since my physical body was released.

It is the same process that John experienced as he was accepting the death of his physical body. He was faced with the ultimate test of surrender, let go of control, and trust. He found this to be very challenging, as you can imagine, since it was so counter to his personality style during his lifetime. He did experience fear during the weeks leading up to his death. He did experience trepidation, concern, worry, anxiety about whether he could really allow himself to surrender so completely, to allow the process to proceed, without resistance.

As you know, his physical body lingered even after his soul was crossing over, in and out of consciousness. Once he discovered that he could surrender and let go of control, he found the process freeing, like he was finally free of the limitations that his physical body had experienced over the years. He was free to fly, to expand his consciousness, to explore in a way that was new and expansive for him.

John had many opportunities to experience getting close to death, seeing the veil, and peeking through it on several occasions. He didn’t remember those experiences too clearly, although they stayed with him and we became more expanded in our consciousness each time.

The truth is that if humans could recognize their ability to surrender, let go of control, and trust in their connection to the source, to the creative intelligence, to God, they would be able to experience the freedom, the expansiveness, the peace, the joy, and the happiness that is available to everyone at every moment in their lives. The difficulty comes when you allow those emotions to be a consequence of external circumstances.

You FEEL because of what you believe you see. However, the reverse is the key. You SEE what you FEEL. The more that you can consciously choose emotions that carry an elevated vibration, such as love, peace, joy, and happiness, the more that what you see is a reflection of that love, peace, joy, and happiness. The external world begins to reflect your inner world because you begin to see with new eyes. You recognize the beauty that exists all around you. You see the creative spark in every one, every creation on earth. All are miraculous. All are mysterious. All are expressions of God.

You are the ultimate expression of God. All human beings are the ultimate expressions of God. All are created in the divine light. Of course, some human beings turn away from their connection to source, their connection to God. They choose to live their lives from their own intellectual or emotional framework, rather than recognizing that all life comes from source. When the connection to source is maintained, life flows freely, beautifully, abundantly.

When disconnected from source energy, life becomes a game being played for the sake of baser emotions, such as greed, pride, destruction, revenge, power, control, ….evil.

Yes, evil….the opposite of good.

It is simply a conscious choice. There is no judgment on it. It simply is a statement of fact. Human beings can make the choice and they do in every moment of every day. They choose either to retain their connection to God and source, through the emotions of love, peace, and joy, or they choose to disconnect from source, falsely believing that they are in control, they are the creators of all things, and they live in the emotions of fear, pain, suffering, greed, revenge, power, control …..

You are reflecting on our words and recognizing the pattern (as you like to do….recognize and analyze patterns), that the emotions that we are describing are reflective of the duality of life. And yes, there is a continuum of emotions on the physical plane that corresponds with various vibration levels. Ecstasy, bliss, love, joy, happiness, and peace vibrate at a high frequency and connect one with source, with the creative energy of the universe, and with God, the true source of all that is.

Because of the duality of your planet, fear, anxiety, frustration, are in the middle spectrum. And anger, revenge, are at the other end of the spectrum with greed, power OVER others, control over others, and evil at the complete opposite end of the spectrum. When you allow yourself to surrender, let go of control, and trust, you are able to choose the emotions of joy, ecstasy, bliss, peace, and joy more easily.

Some people experience the process of physical death differently based upon their ability to surrender, let go of control, and trust. Your mother was greeted by your brother and I, and many of her relatives and friends when she transitioned over. We had a joyous reunion. She was delighted to see us. She did experience peace and tranquility when she crossed over and was welcomed by us. For her, the process was different, though, because she had more fear in her life that was stored in the cells of her body. When she was released from the physical body, her consciousness was more confused, more uncertain since, prior to death, she had been worried about going to a dark place, rather than toward the light.

When the consciousness of a person has a tremendous amount of fear, particularly fear about going to the darkness rather than the light, the transition out of the body can be initially confusing. For her, control was an important component of her life experience. Releasing control was more challenging. When a soul first crosses over, sometimes it experiences confusion, based upon how much fear that person experienced prior to death.

So for your mother, after she transitioned, she was at peace and experiencing joy, while at the same time, needing some time to adjust to the new energy that comes from releasing the fear that she held in her physical body. She was adjusting to the experience of feeling free from that fear. The energy that someone is carrying when death occurs, can be carried over and needs to been resolved energetically so that they can move on to higher and higher states of joy and peace.

So, choose to experience joy and peace now and it will serve you later!

Love you,


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