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The last hours before my death....

Question: “Dad, were you aware of our family members being present during the 18 hours leading up to the death of your physical body?”

Yes, I was aware that you were present. I had already left my physical body. The body of John was in the bed, but I was hovering over the room. I could see you all, hear your conversation …I tried to get your attention so that you would know that I was still there, but no one could hear or recognize me.

I was at peace during the night before…. sleeping peacefully and restfully as I had not experienced for quite some time before that. I left my physical body during that night while you were sleeping on the couch. I was already out of body by the time that the nurse came in to talk with you at 5am or so, just after your sister had arrived as well. My consciousness had lifted out of the body, I felt like my energy was encompassing the entire room. I was able to see everything, even what was happening in the hallway, outside the room. I was aware of the activities of the nursing staff, although it was very quiet at that time of night. Other people were also transitioning to spirit at the same time, so I was aware of other consciousnesses, feeling curious, surprised, unsure of what was happening. Others were experiencing the same type of response.

For me, I was excited, enthused to feel so free at last from the cumbersomeness of the body. I had felt trapped in my body for quite some time… had become heavy, immobile, unforgiving. I was ready to be done with it, to discard it, to slough it off, and to finally be free.

Once I lifted out of the body, I felt free, able to move around with ease, almost by just thinking of something, I would suddenly be there. If I focused on a point, I could be at that point. I was aware that you and your sister were there, waiting with me. I was so pleased that you had stayed with me, been with me when I left my body. I was excited to feel so free, so peaceful, so pain free.

I had been anxious about what the experience of transitioning would be like and was relieved that I was finally able to break out of the feelings of limitation and restriction in the body. I was having fun with it, enjoying moving around, seeing, feeling the sense of movement without any conscious intent. Just be aware, and there I was.

I wanted to explore, but didn’t want to leave you, as the family gathered. I was aware of the somber energy that you all had initially, but was glad that you were able to lighten the mood and joke around about the time that it took for my body to finally shut down completely. Know that I was already out of body, for most of the time. I could have gone immediately upon leaving the body, but I wanted to stay for awhile and just experience the feeling of freedom that occurred. I wanted to experience every aspect of the transition fully so that I would be able to share this experience with you at a later time. I had been so curious and had so many experiences getting close to death for the years prior to that moment, that I was committed to fully experience every aspect of it.

I know that you were concerned that I might have been in a deep, dark place during those hours when my body appeared to be suffering. But know that this was not the case. I was immediately filled with the presence of God, the feeling of peace, joy, and love. My energy was so expansive, it filled the entire room. I reveled in the glory and wonder of it all.

Yes, my body did take some time to fully surrender to the process. That body had served me so well throughout my life as John, even though it had experienced much trauma, from polio, to the ruptured aortic aneurysm, to other deadly experiences….the physical body had served me well. I honored it. But I was ready to be free of it at the end.

It is difficult to describe in words the expansiveness of the experience of leaving the body. It actually was quite easy. One minute I was in my body, the next I was floating above it, looking down. I had been waiting for that moment for so long, wondering how it would be, that when it actually happened, I was quite surprised at how easy it was to exit it. Almost like a shift in perspective….one minute, my consciousness was in the body, the next it was out. Just a slight shift in consciousness between the two states. I actually played with it for a bit, shifting perspective from inside the body, then outside, then inside again…..just for the adventure and experience of it.

I wanted to hang out with all of you for awhile, so I stayed with the body until the moment of physical death. But I was already at peace from the moment that I fell into a deep sleep on Friday night.

You felt that it was traumatic to watch, like it was a horrible, grueling death process. But for me, it was exhilarating. I was able to experience much joy and wonderment through the entire process, which actually began on Friday afternoon/early evening and continued through my physical death at 2:00am on Sunday morning.

It was wonderful to have my family with me throughout the process. I was filled with gratitude to each of you for being there for me and for your mother to comfort her, to reassure her, to provide support to her.

Till the next time….



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