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Messages from Dad
in the Afterlife 

About Susan & John, Her Dad:

Susan has had an adventure-filled life. She has lived in 33 places, traveled extensively throughout the US and in other countries, experienced a roller-coaster-ride career, and been blessed with incredible relationships with a close-knit family, numerous friends, and countless clients. Through all of the trials and tribulations, joys and heartaches, her spiritual search has been a constant focal point in her life. Her quest to answer life's biggest questions has lead her down many paths, filled with interesting people and teachers, amazing discoveries, surprising moments, and countless Miracles and Mysteries.


In contrast, her father, John, led a more traditional, conventional life.  A devoutly religious man, his Catholic faith supported him throughout his life.  As an engineer, he was an organizer and planner, a down-to-earth realist, with 6 children, 9 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren.  His faith deepened over the years as he survived numerous life threatening diseases and his family jokingly called him, "Lazarus," due to his many near misses with death.       

Susan and her dad could not have been more opposite about just about everything in their lives, including their spiritual beliefs. So, it was truly the most amazing of miracles when she realized that her father, who she loved dearly, was able to communicate with her from the afterlife after his death in 2016.

Join Susan in her journey to learn from her father, not only about his experiences in the afterlife, but to discover how to live more fully in this physical life.          

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