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Divine Inspiration at Work
          with Susan McGraw


This is a time of dramatic change in our world!  


Divine Inspiration can be the key to navigating these uncharted waters, managing change effectively, and creating smooth transitions in your personal or professional life.

Susan McGraw is a highly intuitive channel for spirit, assisting you to hear the messages available to you. In her unique readings and coaching programs, she combines her psychic and mediumship skills with her expertise as an Intuitive Strategist, cultivated through more than 25 years of experience as a career coach, trainer, professional speaker, and business consultant. She has personally coached over 7,000 individuals and positively impacted over 125,000 people globally through her programs and services.   

Susan McGraw

Psychic Medium &
Intuitive Career & Business Strategist 

Divine Inspiration Readings & Coaching Programs 
will support you in aligning Divine Inspiration with concrete action to transform your personal life, career, or business. 

Divine Inspiration Readings

In a Divine Inspiration Reading, Susan uses a unique approach, blending her psychic and mediumship gifts, with her expertise as an Intuitive Strategist, to:

  • Provide hope and healing

  • Enhance clarity

  • Offer validation and confirmation

  • Assist you in determining the next steps to take to create smooth transitions in your personal or professional life   

In a 60-minute reading, you can choose to focus on your personal life or relationships, job or business concerns, financial challenges, or some combination.  In addition, you can connect with loved ones who have passed.  

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Divinely Inspired
Career & Business Programs

If you want to go more in-depth and transform your job, career, or business, Susan also offers Career & Business Programs.  She uses her psychic and intuitive gifts to capture your uniqueness and identify concrete strategies to enhance your career or business success:

  • Career Programs:

    • Divinely Inspired Career Strategy Sessions

    • Downloadable e-books and self-paced, on-demand, video-based career development training programs

    • Live workshops via zoom (in November 2022)

    • Resume services and online branding
      e-portfolios, blogs, LinkedIn profiles)

    • Interview & negotiation coaching 

  • Business Services for Spiritual Entrepreneurs:

    • Divinely Inspired Business Strategy Sessions

    • Live workshops via zoom (in November 2002)

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What people said...

"Susan exceeded my expectations on what an intuitive reading is.  I was beyond impressed by her ability to connect me with my passed loved one.  The details in my reading were uncanny.  I would highly recommend having a reading with Susan. Amazing is an understatement!!"  

— Heather L., Los Angeles, CA

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