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Gift Certificate: 
60-Minute Divine Inspiration Reading

Your friend or family member purchased a Gift Certificate for you for a 60-minute Divine Inspiration Reading with Susan McGraw (by telephone or What's App).  During a Divine Inspiration Reading, Susan will use her psychic, mediumship, and intuitive skills to provide you with guidance, information, answers to your questions, and/or connect you with your loved ones who have passed away.​ After the reading, you will receive a link via email to an audio recording of the reading.   

In your reading, you can choose to focus on:

  • Personal:  Your life, relationships, family, or communicating with loved ones who have passed  

  • Job, Career, or Finances:  Your life purpose, strengths, goals, work challenges, career options, or financial considerations

  • Business or Finances:  Your current business concerns, potential business opportunities, or financial considerations

To schedule a reading with Susan (by telephone or What's App), click the link in the Gift Certificate below.  You will be directed to an online scheduling system to select an appointment time for your reading. You will receive emailed reminders of your scheduled appointment time and be provided with the phone number to call at the appropriate time. 


If you have any difficulties redeeming this Gift Certificate and scheduling your appointment, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Susan at:  

Looking forward to talking with you soon!


Gift Certificate
The holder of this Certificate is entitled to a pre-paid 60-minute
Divine Inspiration Reading with Susan McGraw
(by telephone or What's App).  
To use this Gift Certificate, simply click here to schedule your appointment. 
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