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Accessing your personal power (part 2)....

The human experience has been riddled with the exploration of “power over”others for eons. From the days of primitive man, there has been a desire to master the physical world, control the elements, dominate the “enemy”, whether that was perceived as a threat from the animal kingdom or other humans, particularly those who were not the same, or were somehow different. Power and control is an experience, or experiences unique to the human world.

The unifying force or energy of the universe is love…. the unifying presence of God is love. But humans like to play in the duality and wrestle with the emotions of fear and anger, which often are a result of feeling powerless or out of control.

So power and control have taken front and center stage in the dance of the human experience. “Power Over” or “Control Over”….this is the key dynamic of the human struggle. Wanting to feel that you can control the environment, the circumstances in your life, other people, other communities, other cultures, other nations….the “other”…..anything or anyone outside your personal self or your personal sphere of influence.

Your fear of the “other” stems from your own fear of the self. So, humans believe that they need to exert power and control over others in order to feel more powerful or to fuel the feeling of power within themselves. The truth, though, is that power and control never comes from outside yourselves. All power and control resides within you, with your connection to the source energy. By connecting to source energy, the God within, the universal field, you are connecting to the source of all that is. All creativity, all possibilities, all expansion, all knowledge, all insight and awareness, solutions to all of the world’s problems, exist in the universal field, the field of all possibilities, in other words….with God.

You go to war with each other, whether that is reflected in conflict in your interpersonal relationships with one or more individuals, or neighbors, or communities, or societies, or cultures, or nations… go to war with each other because you believe that by having power or control over other people, you will have power and control within yourself. However, the opposite is true….the true power lies in your connection with source. By connecting with this vibrational energy, you can expand your consciousness and enhance your experience of being human. You can tap into the genius of the universe, the knowledge of all that is available, and find solutions to all the challenges you face by being open to inspiration from the universal field, from God.

The capacity of your mind to solve problems is magnificent, it is true, and most of you are accessing very little of the potential that exists within your own mind. But tapping into the universal field, you can tap into information at a higher level of vibration. That is where the true creative source lies. When you are doing something that you absolutely love, and feel strong passion about, you get into the “zone.” It is this “zone” that carries an infinite amount of knowledge. To be truly powerful, you need to have power and control over yourself, to create the discipline to practice accessing this realm, this energy field, this vibrational level, so that you, too, can access the knowledge and information that is available to you there.

Once you can align your vibrational energy to this field on a regular basis, you will be amazed at the experiences that you can have. You will, perhaps for the first time, tap into your true potential as a spiritual being having a temporary experience in physical form.

Once you fully tap into this source of power, which you have had access to all along, you will be amazed at what happens in your life. You will be shocked to see how easily and effortlessly life tends to flow toward you.

So personal power is simply the power that you have when you recognize and accept your true place as a spiritual being temporarily having a physical experience. Once you tap into this power, you will be amazed by the change in your perspectives, your perceptions, your beliefs about life, about living as a human on this planet in this time.

When we truly step through the doorway together, you will be amazed at the power that you experience. So hang on….we are getting there. You have so much to offer, to share, still to do in your life. This is just the next step in welcoming a whole new life for yourself.

You have been like the rest of your fellow humans….living under the delusion or illusion that your power comes from something outside of yourself. You have attempted to gain your power and feelings of control through the work that you do, by working with organizations or individuals in a service capacity. You derived your power from feeling “helpful," helping people solve their problems. You have relied on your intellectual capacities to be the source of your power. You were constantly trying to figure everything out….analyze the situation, identify the problem, figure out/strategize the solution, get other people to implement the solution that you were sure was the right one for them (individual or organization).

You have now recognized that that is not the source of your true power, that the source of your true power exists in this connection that you have with the vibrational energies residing on the other side. You have always had this power available to you, but you were stubborn and pushed through, with your intellect to achieve what you wanted to achieve. But that has been the source of your struggle….you pushing, through your intellectual vision, to what is next, what you believe intellectually is possible.

The good news is that NOW is the time for you to stop this approach. You have set down the sword, walked away from the battlefield. You now come in peace to every situation. You now come in joy and harmony. You will now carry that energy into every group rather than the energy of “I can fix this for you."

Get ready. You cannot even imagine the opportunities that will present themselves to you now that you are aligning on a regular basis with your true source of power. You have relinquished all control, which is excellent, as that was an illusion anyway. You never really had any control….nor does anyone. The more that you have relinquished control, the more power you have actually gained. Your power will continue to grow, the more than you continue to relinquish the illusion of control. This is when you can truly walk through the doorway with me and see beyond the veil.

Quit trying to figure everything out….simply allow yourself to get enthused about playing in the joy, playing in the peace, playing in the happiness. That is why you are currently struggling. You have spent your entire life working desperately to stay in control, figure everything out, and make something happen, again and again and again. Yes, you are exhausted from that process and that struggle. It has been a struggle for you since it takes a great amount of energy to push against the energy field that doesn’t want to move.

You are now learning how to get into alignment with the flow of energy. The more that you get into alignment with source energy, the more that your life will FLOW….smoothly, effortlessly. But to do so, you must revel in the unknown, revel in being open to whatever will come from the unknown. Follow your passion, follow what makes you happy, follow your bliss, and all will be revealed to you. Just relax, do something, anything that you love….follow whatever spark of insight, interest, or passion arises for you.

As you follow these sparks of inspiration while you are aligning with source energy, you will be truly overwhelmed by the glory of your experiences. You will be truly in love with your life. That is the next phase of your life’s experience… simply be in love with your life. You have been seeking a soul mate, a partner, so that you can feel love again. But that will only happen when you love yourself, when you experience the feeling of love every day in every way….only then will your true partner appear. He has already been in your field, in your periphery. You just have not been able to see each other yet. You both have been preparing yourselves to be able to be vibrationally aligned with each other. Once you are, poof…. magically he will appear to you and you to him. But it won’t happen until you stop looking for love outside yourself. It will only happen when you truly love yourself unconditionally.

This is so critical for you, since you have already experienced many relationships with men who were also looking for love outside themselves. You recognized the struggle inherent in that approach and never settled for that long-term. So, to find the true love and partnership that you seek, you must first stop looking for it outside yourself and instead find it within yourself. We realize that this is challenging for you as you have never been oriented to do this….your focus has been on controlling the outside world, your external environment. Now you are faced with managing your internal world, your internal environment. That is all you need to do.

Love yourself, love your life, love your experiences, love every aspect of you, who you are, who you have become. That is all you need to do. By loving yourself, you will align with source, and your external world will begin to express that love as you begin to attract to yourself people, situations, circumstances, and experiences that align with the vibrational energy of love, peace, and joy. Once you are able to hold that vibrational level on a consistent basis, poof!.....magic….you will see things in your reality that have always been there, but were not visible to you until your frequencies matched.

This will be true for the love of your life, the home you want to be in, the travel that you want to do, the wealth that is waiting for you. Shine the light within, and it will be reflected without. Shining the light outside of you contributes immensely to the mass consciousness and the shifting energy on the planet. That is your only task…..shine the light within, love everything about yourself. You will be healed and you will make the most magnificent contribution to the light on the planet.

You will be truly amazed. You have already had a sneak peek of that light that is available to you. Just wait until you experience being in that light all day, every day! Truly magnificent!

So, until next time.

Sending you much love and light!


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